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One of BTSs Jimin tattoos might have too deep a meaning for the K-pop singer. Park Jimin is a great lover of tattoos, the idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment already has several symbols in different parts of the body and this drives his fans crazy who think that tattoos give a special touch to his anatomy.

The tattoos give the K-pop singer a badass concept, in contrast to his bright personality who is cute and shy, but either way the native of Geumjeong Gu city in Busan, South Korea looks amazing with everything.

The Dynamite performer wears the word Nevermind, the number 13 on his wrist, an infinity and some mysterious marks that he has not let fans see. What other tattoos will he hide?

Some time ago, Internet users noticed that the idol of the bulletproof boys, had two new tattoos on the upper part of his elbows, due to the low quality of the image and the video, what he said was not very well appreciated, they were just very thin letters in black.

He also wore his mysterious tattoos in the teasers of the series In The SOOP, while fishing in the lake and enjoying the nature of the place where he was with his other bandmates. OMG!

But now, thanks to some photos, the design of Jimins tattoo on his arms can be seen with a little more clarity, the boy wears the phrase Young Forever a word on each limb. Young Forever besides being one of BTSs songs, perhaps it is a deep life motto that the Bangtan Boys member has adopted and decided to make it clear on his skin.

Many fans are speculating that the dancer may have been tattooed before the beginning of the Map of the Soul: 7 era, an album that was released in early 2020, will it be?

The celebrity draws inspiration from his colleagues, different philosophies, popular beliefs and lucky numbers to create drawings that are very important to him and that he shows on his skin. Which Jimin tattoo do you like the most?

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This says Jimin's tattoo, it has a very deep meaning - Somag News

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