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Doting godfather Macaulay Culkin revealed the touching meaning behind him and goddaughter Paris Jackson's matching spoon tattoos. The "Home Alone" star also shared the lovely advice he gave the 22-year-old.

Three years after Macaulay Culkin got a matching spoon tattoo with his goddaughter Paris Jackson and caused a buzz, the "Home Alone" star is opening up about the meaning behind it.

During an exclusive interviewwith Esquire Magazine about his life, the former child actor revealed the inspiration between the mysterious inking, which they got in July 2017.

He explained it originated from a silly habit of stealing spoons from restaurants, airplanes, and cafes. He described the quirky habit as harmless, saying it could be interpreted as stealing a chess piece.

The playful habit has, however, evolved to something sentimental for the duo as Culkin disclosed that they gift each other spoons.

In fact, their spoon tradition formed the basis for a profound life lesson he taught her. Recounting the advice he gave her when she put herself in the public eye, Culkin said:

"Don't forget to be silly, don't forget to take something away from this whole experience, and don't forget to stick something up your sleeve."

When Paris and Culkin got the tattoo in West Hollywood, the "Gringo star shared images of the branding on her Instagram story.

The spoon inking, which is the only tattoo on Culkin's body, features stripesand a round end. At the time they got it at the Tattoo Mania parlor, there were speculations that the symbol signified a struggle with a chronic disease.

However, a source revealed to People Magazinethen that it was an inside joke between the duo.Paris shares a tight bond with her godfather. Over the years, the duo has highlighted their deep connection via frequent posts on social media.

Last month, the 22-year-old model didn't allow the pandemic to stop her from paying tribute to the "Richie Rich" star on his 40th birthday.

Sharing a series of photos of them having fun, including their tattoos and fun image of her painting his nails, Paris confessed that she adores her godfather and thanked him for teaching her how to waltz.The "Party Monster" actor became Paris' godfather because of his relationship with her father, Michael Jackson.

Despite the 22-year age gap between the late King of Pop and Culkin, the pair had a tight-knit friendship that stemmed from their similar childhood experience of fathers who pushed them into the spotlight.

Hence, it came as no surprise that Culkin defended the music iconafter the release of the HBO documentary, "Leaving Neverland." The actor declared in an interview that Michael didn't molest him or anybody that he knew.

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