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The new tattoo studio, Pen and Oak Tattoo,is owned and operated by Chani Murat Ewing with both her and artist Jon Pavlakis.Pen and Oak specializes in traditional, neo-traditional, and illustrative tattoo styles.They opened on Oct. 1 at 107 East 2ndStreet in Moscow, Idaho.

Pen and Oak Tattoois different than someother shops in Moscow.

We offer healing work integrated in the tattoo, Ewing said.We will offer reiki and intuitive tattooing.We really want our studio to offer a more tailored tattoo experience.

Intuitive tattooing is a style that focuses and draws from the energy of the person and incorporates spiritual practices such as crystal healing, as well as the artists own intuition, to create a more personalized and meaningful tattoo for the individual. Reiki is a Japanese stress-reduction and relaxation technique that also promotes healing. It is based on the idea that everyone has life forceenergy,and that energy allows us to live.

Not only does Pen an Oak offer alternative tattooing and healing methods they also have the experience of not one, but two shop owners. Jon Pavlakiswaspreviously the owner of Sci-Fi Tattoo a now defunct tattoo studio in Moscow.

At Sci-Fi it was just me, no other artistsand when you dont have a hard-enough drive you kind of let yourself slide, Pavlakissaid.I talked to Chani about her opening up(Pen and Oak) and she invited me along and I didnt want to pass up an opportunity to work with such a great artist. It was also a great way tolighta fire undermyselfand reignite the fire.

The style of tattooing at Pen and Oak was also something that interestedPavlakis.

I absolutely love neo-traditional and traditional, Pavlakis said.Anything that will hold in10years I absolutely love. Bold will hold.

Pavlakissaidthat he would look out for his clients best interest regardless of style. With Pen and Oak being a new shop,the question of how well the studiowill do isalso a prevalent one.

(Business)is booming, Pavlakis said.I was honestly taken aback how quickly it picked up. Ive noticed every single person that has walked in front of the shop stop to look or take pictures.

Pavlakisisalready booked through October and starting to take bookings for November.He did state that he is available to take walk-ins when he can.The studio has an extra station for any guest artists for when conventions and tours startopeningup, Pavlakis said.

Pen and Oak Tattooseems to be to a fast start andwith them promising to offer a personalized experience for their clients its obvious that they are going the extra mile to ensure thattheir businessis a special experience for all their clients.

Pavlakis can be reached atdownthelastpath@gmail.comand his work can be seen on his Instagram @slang_blade. Chani Murat Ewing can be reached atchanicreations@gmail.comand her work can be seen on her Instagram @chanimurat. The official shop accounts are, on Instagram @penandoaktattooand via phone number at 208-596-3238.

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The Argonaut Pen and Oak Tattoo opens shop - Argonaut

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