133 Inspiring Cute and Small Tattoos Ideas for Girls

Tattoos is a very personal thing and not liked by all. Tattoos for girls who like getting inked, to them a tattoo is emotional, mental, spiritual land of course a physical experience. Tattoos may seem cool and trendy but its much more than that. The tattoo design means much more than just a symbol or shape.

Whats a Tattoo?

There is a bit of style quotient in it, a bit of romance, fashion, adventure, and bonding as well. In short, sporting tattoos for girls on a wrist, arm, shoulder, foot, neck, hand (countless places on which you can get a tattoo inked) is being bindaas. Are you one?

Let us take a look at the tattoo designs:

Why Tattoos For Girls?

Whether its a simple rose, geometric pattern, religious symbol or names and initials, half sleeve or half leg, there are so many ways in which a girl can express herself through a tattoo. The choice is numerous and the options are unique. To cut it short, a tattoo is meant to make you look good, feel awesome and get the attention and envy.

Wrist tattoo for girls are probably the most underestimated tattoos that make a huge impact. The most unique tattoos of the lot, although they might seem simple to the outsider, they hold a lot more in depth to the wearer.

No doubt, wrist tattoos are attention grabbing but not every girl may risk getting her skin permanently inked. If you desire to draw interest to your hands not is not ready for something to stay forever on your skin, you may want to go with wrist jewelry. Pieces like this womens tiny skull bracelet are not only eye-catching but also meaningful.

This is a free bird wrist tattoo designs for girls who like their space and enjoy freedom. Definitely a cute tattoo for girls on wrists.

If you are the type who lives in a shell, a tattoo with an abstract design on the wrist will definitely depict your personality.

Butterflies and cupids are the first love of every young girl. Then, why not get that depicted on your wrist with a butterfly wrist tattoo.

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This girls tattoo idea on a wrist is a free hand writing of Love. This is one of the most sought after womans wrist tattoos.

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Wrist tattoo designs can also include that of a rosary. Instead of physically carrying it around, a rosary tattoo design on the wrist can be an option.

Those who have made music a part of their life, can have a music note tattooed on their wrist. You can get a small wrist tattoo done with the musical note design.

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Want to express love? Get this tattoo design done on the wrist of yours and your partners. Isnt this a cute and simple heart tattoo on wrists?

Those who are religious, can use this religious wrist tattoo idea for their arm or wrist. This om tattoo design can however be done in any other part of the body too.

Want to show off your dimples? Have a simple tattoo like this on your wrist. This will also bring a smile to the person who sees it for the first time

This is one of the wrist tattoo that most girls prefer as it symbolizes freedom.


Those who feel they are delicate and want to be handled with utmost care can get a rose tattooed on their wrist.

Does travel run in your veins? If you say yes, then this is what you must get. It is one of the awesome wrist tattoo design for travelers.


If you are among those who believe in angels, then you know what you must have as a tattoo.

After PeeCee tattooed Daddys Lil Girl, the trend to get a quote on the arm has set in. Quotes are the ideal choice of design of you want to get outer wrist tattoos done.

Music fans and freaks can get a musical note tattooed on the wrist.

Those who love to be close to nature, we know you will love this one. This combination of birds and trees is an awesome wrist tattoo idea for the nature lover.

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Freedom is what you love? Then you will want this one.


Get a matching tattoo with your sister on your wrist. Check out the below image of a cool wrist tattoo that sisters can sport.



Infinity tattoos with a quote would be the perfect choice for your daily dose of motivation. It is also one of the most sought after wrist tattoos for women.

Not everybody likes to flaunt a big tattoo! If you are one of them and are looking for small wrist tattoos, then here is a cute wrist tattoo that you can try out.

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A pretty pink bow as a tattoo on wrist is sure to make everyone go awwww!

Bring out your bold and edgy personality with some cool tribal wrist tattoos.

27. The Structured Heart:

A heart doesnt go wrong anywhere and its the same in this case. Just lines and curves turning into a simple beautiful heart is amazing.

28. The Fire Within:

A very simple way to depict the soul as free and something that could aim for the skies. Theres no limit it says.

There are umpteen butterfly wrist tattoo designs that you can choose from black and white, colorful, stencil, single-colored, etc.

30. Fly Away, Fly Away:

This pretty butterfly depicts what lies within you. A good soul that wants to be let free in all walks of life.

Another popular design for which you will find thousands of inspiration is the flower design. If you love flowers, then we are sure you would be spoilt for choices.

The below wrist tattoo design is ideal for young girls with a wanderlust soul.

Earlier in the post, we showed you a dainty rose tattoo on the wrist for the demure girl. Here is another kick-ass rose tattoo on wrist design for the not so demure girl.

While going through the innumerable inner wrist tattoos, we found this elegant and simple dream catcher tattoo.

Though bird wrist tattoos are quite common, you can make your bird wrist tattoo unique by getting some inspiration from the below images.

36. Love Birds:

A post on wrist tattoos would be incomplete without showcasing some amazing designs of heart tattoos on wrist.

38. The Anchor to my Heart:

Check out some of the unique wrist tattoos that we came across. They are definitely inspiration-worthy.

40. Flock Together:

Name tattoos on wrists are adorable and rather than just getting the name inked, you can try different designs like combining it with the infinity symbol or hearts or writing it in your native language, etc.

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133 Inspiring Cute and Small Tattoos Ideas for Girls

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