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Chris Evans dropped the sweetest picture of Dodger on Instagram

We love how much Chris Evans adores his dog, Dodger. And on Oct. 24 over on Instagram, the actor shared another sweet picture of his pup relaxing. But while we have seen these two snuggling together in the past, this new picture just has the sweetest vibe yet.

In the picture, Dodger can be seen with his head resting right below Evans chest, clearly looking on with love (based on the angle it really does look like he his gazing upon his daddys face!). And perhaps what really cements that sweetness is the fact that it seems that Dodger has his head right over his dads heart. (Cue all the feels!)

For his part, Chris Evans captioned the Instagram photo rather simply. The actor chose to state the obvious with the words, Dodger lying on DODGER, with a blue heart emoji at the end. And if you really look at the picture, its clear that Dodger has his head over a tattoo of his name.

Of course, this is not even close to the first time that the actor has shared his love for his pup. And we are always here for it! There is something so sweet and endearing about how often Evans shares his love for Dodger.

The fact that he does it often enough that people are calling his Instagram account a Dodger stan account is proof that he has no problem sharing his pup with the world. And it is not just his Instagram where he shares the love, as his Twitter account often offers his thoughts on his appreciation for for his pup.

As dog lovers, we are certainly not complaining. And honestly, if we could request even more dog content, we probably would.

We love seeing celebrities sharing their love of their animals on social media. And it is even better when it is the celebrities we love.

Considering Chris Evans is often sharing pictures and videos of Dodger (at least in 2020), we are here for this magic. And we cant wait to see even more posts about the actors dog, especially as the holidays come on full force.

Do you follow Chris Evans on Instagram? Do you enjoy his Dodger posts as much as we do? Tell us in the comments.

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Chris Evans shares a picture of his pup Dodger resting in the sweetest place - Dog of the Day

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