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Ali was first inspired by her mothers approach to beauty. I grew up reading Essence magazine because of my moms subscription. I saw all of these beautiful Black women with bold makeup looks, she remembers. Ali would regularly watch her mother do her makeup, and accompany her on shopping trips. She had MAC back when MAC first came out, and we would always go to the MAC store to pick out one little item for her. I remember her picking out lipsticks and being like, Well, I want to wear lipstick now, too. The employees said Ali was too young to have lipstick, so they gave her a MAC chapstick. I thought I was the ish, Ali says, laughing. She finally got her chance to put on lipstick at age four, when she went to go see Barney. I had this desire to put it on myself. No one else could do it for me, she recalls. I looked a mess, but that wasnt the point. I was always obsessed with makeup.

The obsession carried over into middle school, when she consumed YouTube tutorials from Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley. I didnt have a lot of my own makeup at the time, but I did know how to paint. Ive loved to draw ever since I learned how to hold a pencil. Ive always been an artist first, she says. These days, her greatest canvas is her own face, and she loves to freestyle. I get a general picture in my head and I try to recreate it to the best of my abilities, she explains. Most of my makeup looks are really just me winging it.

When building her looks, Alis go-tos include Fenty Beauty, HipDot palettes, Milk Makeup Star Tattoo stamps, ColourPops brushes, MACs Lipglass lip gloss, and Wet Liners from Glisten Cosmetics. When shes not creating new looks, Ali keeps her skin makeup-free so it stays clear. Maybe Ill pop on star stickers and lipgloss but thats about it, she says, though she adds that shes diligent about her water intake, eating fruits, and maintaining her skin-care regimen. I use Patrick Starrrs mist, and it takes your makeup off. She also uses makeup wipes and micellar water, twice, to ensure the makeup comes completely off. I go in the shower, wash my body. Afterwards, I take a clean cloth and rub off any excess makeup. Then I wash my face. Such a thorough job is needed, especially when removing glitter or FX glue.

Leading up to Halloween, Ali plans to continue reinventing herself. I have a Walmart bag full of different items and different goodies. Ive posted a few and have a few up my sleeve that Im saving, she says. Beyond spooky season, shes going to be taking @sweetmutuals to the next level. Im going to make my makeup looks more like a photo shoot rather than just me posting in my bathroom. I have backdrops, she says. Its clear shes excited about whats next: I have a whole little set-up, I have different colored filters for my studio light Im going to be imitating different magazines, and instead of the original person in the magazine, its going to be me, she says. After all, shes her No. 1 muse.

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This Makeup Artists Avant-Garde Looks Will Inspire You to Use Your Face as a Canvas - Vogue

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