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Alina and Alena are sultry 25-year-old twins from Stuttgart, Germany, who have found a way to be different from each other, but have become even more similar. At the age of 17, the girls got their first tattoos, but they have long covered these inscriptions with numerous colored drawings that almost completely cover their bodies.

It is addiction. We always want something new, says Alena. At the same time, girls paint their skin not only for themselves. After school, they planned to take up art, but in the end they began to draw sketches and beat tattoos.

When I met my future husband, he told me: You are so talented, you have to become a tattoo artist. And I started to learn this, says Alina.

As a result, ambitions brought the girls to Los Angeles, USA. They live next door to Hollywood and get tattoos locally. Also, the twins have a joint instagram, where there are already more than 43 thousand subscribers.


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Tattooed twins from Germany (PHOTOS) - The Saxon

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