Tattoos have been with us since time immemorial. However, as the years go by, the popularity of tattoos continues to reach sky-high. From celebrities to the girl next door, the number of people embracing tattoos has seen a steady rise.Every tattoo has a story even that one you got inked on a wild night out with friends. No matter the circumstances and despite some tattoos being mysterious, they bring forth a sense of identity.

Tattoo placement largely depends on preference. When deciding what part of your body to ink, some people will often consider how painful the tattoo can be. On the other hand, others will not have tattoos on specific areas on their body due to restrictions in their line of work.As you ponder on where to place your tattoo, here is an inspirational piece to help you make a decision.

Let us delve into specifics.

If you are looking to have two different images and stand out from the crowd, a tattoo behind the ear is an unusually great idea. Truth be told; this area is particularly sensitive since the ear has thin skin. You will feel some discomfort during the process, but in the long run, it is totally worth it.

The best thing is that if you are in the mood to show off your tattoo, a hair up-do will do you justice. On other days when you are at work and showing off your tattoo is not an option, letting your hair down will hide it.

If you are looking to have a sacred tattoo like a picture of a loved one or something that you hold dear, the heart area is the best place to get it. These tattoos are mostly personal, and having them in this specific area makes the tattoo bearer form deeper connections.

Do you keep up with the latest trends? If so, a tattoo on your ankle is an ideal way to be trendy. No wonder it is one of the most preferred areas for young girls. Show off the tattoo by wearing pants that are slightly above ankle length. For a sexy vibe, wear a midi-dress and high-heels.

If you are looking to make a statement, why not consider the top of your arm? Many people who love large tattoos mostly opt to get them at the top of the arm as it offers a larger surface area to get inked. Additionally, the skin around the arm is thick, making it less painful.

The back is another popular and trendy area to get tattooed. Go for the area around the shoulder blades as this area is least likely to be exposed to the damaging ultra-violet rays, ensuring the tattoo does not fade fast. Additionally, the skin at the back does not stretch easily, and the tattoo will hold up well a couple of years later.

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