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Calver has understandably never cared much for talking about her career in terms of whats it like being a woman in a male-dominated industry, but shes aware its meant having to prove herself to a lot of the general public. People used to say, She must have done this, she must have done that to get this job when I took over the Rap Show, she says. I almost feel sorry for them. I empathise that people have never seen a woman in this space before, so they dont know to take her seriously as a broadcaster or a journalist. But that doesnt happen as much anymore, because now people see me and my work and theyre like, Oh, thats Tiffany Calver.

Her ambition is also rooted in a genuine love for music. We talk at length about our generation growing up alongside Odd Future, about how exciting UK rap is right now, about French MCs, about how she used to DJ for 50 and take three night buses home afterwards, and how she discovered American music shed never heard of buying bootleg CDs as a kid living in St Vincent and the Grenadines. This passion is something she largely owes to her family, she says: My dad was a music head, my grandma had figurines of Michael Jackson, my other nan now has a tattoo of Drake...

Its her mum, though, who seems to have played the most influential part on her taste. She was 19 when she had me, we were best friends. She opened my eyes up to music. Her and her friends were still young, they were party girls so there was always music on so music has always been a happy thing for me.

Calver remembers going on roadtrips to a pub in Wolverhampton called Cider House with her mum, playing on the slides with other kids while the venue played UK garage. She also recalls how, sometimes when her mum couldnt get a babysitter, the two of them would spend Saturday nights dancing around at home to The Rap Show. In the West Midlands we didnt have a lot, so we listened to a lot of radio and I used to listen to that show religiously. So knowing that Im now the host!? Nah.

While she is already fulfilling a whole bunch of childhood dreams, Calver is still busy lining up the next steps in her journey. Shes starting a label, putting together a mixtape, and exploring how to advocate for better mental health provisions and legal support for artists.

Over the last decade, Tiffany Calver has been consistently flying the flag, doing so much for rap, UK and beyond. Doesnt she want a bit of a break? Its so funny, people will be like, Oh, your work ethic is crazy, Oh, you work so hard. Yeah, I do. But you know whats different now? I get to Uber there now, I can eat or I get to sleep in a five-star hotel. Before, I was crashing on floors, I was taking coaches to Paris, I was sitting next to people smoking crack on the night bus. I was working a lot harder back then! So now when people are like, How are you gonna handle everything? She laughs, Im like, you have no idea. Ill be fine.

Tiffany Calver has made a special mix for DJ Mag, celebrating the music of "all of the women I grew up on, grew up with, and continue to grow alongside". Check it out below.

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Tiffany Calver: Living the dream | - DJ Mag

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