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From microblading to eyebrow tattoo to powder eyebrows, Valeria Micropigmentation is helping clients become more confident with themselves by offering a plethora of cosmetic solutions.

NYC - November 17, 2020 - The concept of beauty is extremely subjective. While many would say that one should embrace what they are born with, theres no harm in addressing facial features that one is not happy with. The stigma around cosmetic procedures is very antiquated and with time, theres more acceptance with regards to enhancing certain aspects of ones features. This is the ethos behind Valeria Micropigmentation. This clinic is founded by Valeria, acertified permanent makeup and paramedical micropigmentologist. What prompted her to open Valeria Micropigmentation is when she discovered the beauty of permanent makeup procedure. Valeria Micropigmentation specializes in the art of artistically rebuilding features and carefully color matching skin tones to deliver stunning results. What sets Valeria Micropigmentation is the fact that it values natural beauty. Instead of promising something stark and intense, this clinic values subtlety. Clients love their procedures like microblading, eyebrow tattoo, powder eyebrows, etc. because the results are nuanced and not unnatural.

Valeria Micropigmentation educates clients in finding joy in the natural beauty with an aspect of refinement. The clinic has become highly popular among those who have suffered injuries or are recovering from illnesses. Clients for whom cosmetic tattoo is the only salvation, Valeria Micropigmentation has become the ideal one-stop solution that can bring back their self-confidence without interfering with their natural look. With the clinics rising demand and popularity, now they also accept clients with alopecia or those who have scarring on areas like lips or eyebrows. Their procedures are all about enhancing ones aesthetic features rather than changing them completely. Its the most natural solution to any problem without going through the daily effort of putting on makeup. They have procedures for the scalp, lips, eyebrows, and more.

They also have other procedures to help with getting rid of microblading or permanent makeup with non-color selective (applicable to all tattoo colors). This effective tattoo removal that does not leave any scar on the skin. For the scalp, people can restore their natural hairline with micropigmentation through a non-surgical procedure. For eyebrows, theres the option to get a customized shape and color, fill in lost hair spots, restore eyebrows with hair stroke technique, and more. For the lips, clients can correct asymmetry, cover blemishes, or irregularities in lip color and tone.

More about the founder

Originally from Russia, Valeria has always been an advocate of natural beauty. She graduated one of the most powerful permanent makeup schools and started her career by focusing on procedures that can make aesthetic features more expressive. Her aim to restore confidence and self-esteem in her clients has made her clinic so popular. Clients can get in touch with the clinic for a free consultation.

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Valeria Micropigmentation Is One of The Most Trusted Solution for Permanent Makeup - Press Release - Digital Journal

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