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A Life On Our Planet with David Attenborough explores the career of everyone's favorite natural historian and how the planet has changed in this time.

The name of the newest eye-opening and intense documentary calling everyone to take action in protecting Mother Earth is . Through the narration of David's life stories and travels, viewers get to understand how the evolutionary history of life on our planet has developed. But this premise is only there to set the stage for the deeper topic of the film: the loss of wild places in the past100 years, mostly caused by human action.

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Asdevastating as this is, however, not everything is lost and Attenborough provides hope by sharing a vision for the future and what needs to happen to overturn this dramatic scenario. Putting its heavy content aside,this movieis a beautiful masterpiece full of images that will take viewers' breath away. And filming was surely a ride that both Attenborough and the crew will always remember.

Documentaries can be complex and arduous to film, especiallynature docs. The process involved in filmmaking is anything but effortless, even though it aims to look so. In thiswitness statement for the environment, Attenborough revisited the rainforests of Borneo to see how life on the island has changed over the years.

The world's third-largest island is one of its richest treasures on the planet. But the species of animals and plants that livehere have been largely impacted by climate change. The crew was shocked to seehow the destruction compared to the early 50s (when Attenborough first visited the island).

Right in the beginning of the movie, as Davidnotes how dramatically the planets biodiversity has degenerated, viewers will see several shots of a deserted location. Later, it is revealed that these shots belong to the territory around Chernobyl's nuclear plant, which today is uninhabitable by humans. However, this once destroyed area has become home to a lush wildlife paradise that has prevailed against all odds.

What may be less known is the exact name of the place that Sir David Attenborough and his crew visited. It's called Pripyat, located in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the crew stayed there for a week in September of 2018.

In the last scene of A Life On Our Planet, fans are dazzled with astonishing images of our planet. This is particularly true when it comes to Pripyat, the Ghost City. While it's true that the movie team spent some time at Chernobyl to film the majority of the shots, executive producer Alastair Fothergill stated that it took four years to capture the wildlife in Pripyat.

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Even though today the area is considered an environmental Armageddon, the crew's remote cameras captured how life is slowly returning to the area. This proves that despite the harm wrought on the natural world, in particular in this region, which is known asthe location ofone of the worst disasters in history, there is still hope for the future.

David Attenborough's latest film is obviouslyone of many made when it comes to showing Earth's most stunning places and its unknown facts.ButA Life On Our Planet marks a particular milestone in the documentarian's career:the relationship of more than 40 years between him and the movie's executive producer - Alastair Fothergill.

For this documentary, Fothergill had to use a particular lens during filmingthat contained a mirror so that David could look into the lens and see the director reflected in it. This made him feelas if he was talking to somebody and it was important in order to reveal a personal side of David that, in the end, connected so well with the viewers.

During filming, Attenborough gave several intimate testimonials on his view of the world and what should be done for civilization to have a brighter future. Even though the British broadcaster and natural historian is already 94 years old, he is living proof that age is nothing but a number, as he is100 percent sharp in both his speech and coherence.

He answered each question unscripted and his spontaneous yet revealing responses are the most insightfulmoments in this film.

Throughout his exceptional career, Sir David hasdelighted fans with hundreds (if not thousands) of iconic TV moments. But his fundamental role in series and documentaries of late is mostly as a narrator. This time, though, onA Life On Our Planet, Attenborough presents the viewers with his first and only feature film, not only as a filmmaker, but also as a live host. Viewers get a personal look at his beliefs andpassion for the natural world with himonscreen - where he even reenacts some scenes.

In other words, this time Attenborough shows us the world as he sees it (literally and metaphorically), as the movie includes footage that David himself captured.

Jonnie Hughes had already worked with David Attenborough on other projects, likeOur Planet. And he has stated that it was in 2014 while working at the Silverback Films with David for this series, thatthe team decided that it wasnecessary to make a single film that would broadcastthe biodiversity crisis far and wide. He was, then, propelled to work onA Life On Our Planet and chose this as his first cinematic premiere.

Even though this movie was planned out to hit the theaters before airing onNetflix, and it did in some countries like Australia, its distribution strategy had to be adapted because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Considered a national treasure in the U.K., Attenborough's voice and empowering narrator skills have always been his biggest strengths. And that is also the case when it comes to using his voice tocalm down his film crew in potentially dangerous situations. Although he was unequivocally the oldest person traveling while filming, he was the least scared when the team was in Chernobyl.

There was a potentially dangerous radioactive situation that mostof the crew werescared of and Jonnie Hughes felt bad that he was taking David into the area. It was a place no one had been able to spend more than a few hours in over 30 years, but David quickly calmed Jonnie saying: "Dont look so worried. Im in my 90s, its not going to make the slightest bit of difference to me. Its these two he motioned to the younger members of our crew, Ilaria and Joe, that we should be worried about.

In a behind-the-scenes nostalgic moment, Hughes shares how David has an incurable passionwhen it comes to exploring nature. While filming in theirfirst location on a hot day in Leicestershire in July 2018, the team found themselves in a deep gully where Attenborough used to come as a boy. Hughes set the scene:

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"David was in a jubilant mood. This was a place he used to come to as a boy. He skipped down the steep steps to its base and motored off along the path. By the time we had caught up with him, he was at it again, teetering on the scree. Within minutes, he had found old friends fragments of shells protruding from the ironstone."

When someone you meet randomly while exploring Borneoshows youa tattoo of your face on their thigh, things feel a bit odd. That's exactlyhow David Attenborough described the way he felt when he was (literally) faced with this.

As he was getting ready to climb Mount Kinabalu to film shots for the movie, a complete stranger came up to him and showedthe tattoo she had made in his honor. He felt this was a weird but very lovely tribute.

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