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Think of getting a permananent tattoo on your skin? If yes, then All about it Ink tattoo studio should be your number 1 choice, not because they are good but because they are the best int he industry.

Spokane, WA love tattoos and for good reason. When you have one, just walking down the street makes you a moving piece of art, contributing to the aesthetic that makes this city the same one that helped birth another street art, graffiti so vibrantly cool. While Native Americans have refined the practice for (at least) hundreds of years, Spokanes modern history with ink goes way back, too.

Today, a whopping 47 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 are inked. Continuing Spokanes proud tradition, some of the most incredible contemporary artists in any medium are working in a tattoo shop near you, pushing the art form forward.

In my search to find the best Spokane tattoo shopsI landed up on, All About It Ink tattoo shop in Spokane, located at 54 E Wellesley Ave just South of North town Mall.

I could immediately notice a busy studio and all smiling faces, I mean it is rare to see people smiling and laughing specially when a inked needle is peircing into your skin, well I knew right then that this was some really impressive and experienced team of tattoo artists.

Quickly, I was greeted by the owner, Justin Tyme, who I found to be a really cool and talented individual, I shared my vision of the tattoo I needed and he immediately understood what I had in mind as well as gave me some suggestions to expand the tatoo idea.

I lost Chucky, my dog a few weeks ago and it was him what I wanted on my skin and this was something really special and emotional for me so I had to make sure I only and only hire the best for the job.

This was definitely an amazing experience, and then we got started with the design process and within 40 minutes I was inked by Justin, and got a perfect, painless, professional, artistic, eye catchy tattoo. The way the hands moved with the machine and precise focus was brilliant.

I was in love with their work and professionalism, Justin and his team of tattoo artist are without a shadow of a doubt the number 1, tattoo shop in Spokane, WA and I can surely suggest you to walk down to them without a doubt and get inked.

About All About It Tattoo Studio

Spokanes Leading Tattoo Shop

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Best of the Best Spokane Tattoo Shops: All About It Ink Tattoo Studio - PRUnderground

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