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10 December 2020, 13:30 | Updated: 10 December 2020, 13:42

The mum allowed the medical tattoo after it was recommended by a doctor, but people are still shocked.

One mum has divided people's opinions after revealing she had one of her twin boys tattooed in order to help tell them apart.

In a Reddit post, the unnamed woman explained her reasons for doing so were medical.

In a post titled: "AITA for medically tattooing my child under the recommendation of a doctor?", the woman explained that after five years of trying to get pregnant, her and her husband decided to try IVF.

They were successful, and welcomed twin boys who she gave the fake names Jack and Adam in the post.

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Shortly after giving birth, the woman and her husband found out that Jack had a medical condition which meant he needed to be given an injection once a month.

While the babies are fraternal, she explained that they "look identical" and that "my husband and I even mix them up sometimes".

One day when the woman's mother-in-law was caring for the twins, she mistakenly gave the wrong baby the injection and had to call for an ambulance.

Nothing serious happened to Adam, but the woman said he mother-in-law was left very shaken from the experience.

This then prompted her doctor to recommend a medical tattoo in order for people to be able to tell them apart.

She wrote on the post: "The worry of mixing up the kids was a valid concern.

"[The] Doctor recommended a medical tattoo. Explained they tattoo a freckle, no bigger than the end of a pencil eraser, on an area of skin that's easily seen while the child is under mild sedation similar to dental offices.

"Because of the area it usually fades in 2-3yrs but by then they should have developed more personal features and may not need it redone. So after discussion with my husband we did it."

She went on: "He has a 2mm brown freckle on his earlobe. From entering the office to leaving it took 30 minutes. Never felt a thing.

"Once I explain to others and they fail to find it they understand but they still think I went too far in tattooing my child and altering their body."

She went on to explain how her mother-in-law was seriously unhappy about the decision.

However, she defended herself, writing: "I believe I took the necessary precautions recommended by the doctor and the tattoo will fade with sun exposure and as he grows.

"By the time he's five it probably won't even be visible or it'll just look like a faded freckle".

While some people did not agree with the mum's choice, others have taken to the forum to defend her.

One person commented: "You took the recommendation from a medical professional and made the decision with your spouse for the safety of your child. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially for something so small."

Another posted: "NTA at all, it's literally a fake freckle. It's not like you gave him a full sleeve of pin up girls and muscle cars."

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Mum of twins divides opinion after tattooing one baby to help tell them apart - Heart

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