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Roxanne Firsts eponymous jewellery brand launched with a bang and a whirl of colour back in 2018. South African-born Rocky has redefined fine jewellery, creating ethically sourced yet affordable pieces. Playful, wearable and timelessly cool, Firsts creations are designed to be loved and worn every single day. The perfect piece of jewellery is the one you never have (or want) to take off, she says. And each of her pieces is true to this philosophy, beautifully crafted using solid gold and a mixture of diamonds, sapphires and semi-precious stones. Here, she speaks to V.F. about the inspiration behind her designs.

I am a huge fan of Davids work. I discovered his pieces via The Dot Project and instantly fell in love with his beautiful use of colour, form, movement, balance and momentum. Davids work is seemingly simple yet so powerful. I invested in one of his smaller pieces for my office so I now have the pleasure of looking at it everyday.

My friends and family are not only my foundation, they are my constant inspiration. I am inspired by their individualityfrom the way they dress to what they have to say to how they wear their jewellery (of course). I am lucky enough to have made the most amazing friendships, spanning years. From a lawyer to a chef, artist, healer, dentist, stylist, mother, and a marketing and PR geniusthey are all the most wonderful humans. As for fluffy friends, I adopted my bulldog Boicey a few years ago and there isnt a day that he isnt by my side. I rescued him, but he has saved me in so many ways. Dogs really are a humans best friend.

Clara, one of my closest friends, recommended this book to me, and honestly it's life changing. It is an exceptionally powerful story of hope and humanity. I have taken a huge amount from this book into both my personal and professional life.

Its super cool. I love what Sofia Prantera has created: Well-made streetwear for girls with an eye for detail. I live in her oversized hoodies and slogan tees. Im kind of obsessed to be honest. Clare Shilland captures the most incredible pictures for Aries and I was lucky enough to have Clare shoot our most recent campaign imagery. It was a real pinch me moment.

I was born in Johannesburg and, for me, South Africa is intense, wonderful and vibrant. I try to go back once a year and, when I do, I never want to leave. Its magic. Cape Town is one of the best places in the world. From the beach in Llandudno to the magnificent mountains; the candy-coloured streets in Bo-Kaap to eating at Between Us. It is the most special place with the most special peoplealways an inspiration.

Getting a tattoo with David is so much more than just having something beautiful inked on your body; its a beautiful conversation. David is an artist with the most amazing mind and vibe, a genuinely cool dude who just gets it. I come away from our meetings full of thoughts, energy and positivity as well as with beautiful, single-needle tattoos. Probably why Im on number 27, and counting...

Emma Lucy Knowles (a.k.a. Mini) is a brilliant crystal healer, clairvoyant, author and friend who has furthered my interest in these natural beauties. I have learnt so much from Mini and not only do we have a super cool crystal collaboration, but I also have a variety of crystals on my bedside table and desk at work. Their colours, shapes and irregularities are wonderful. I am fascinated by the unassuming power they possess and the way in which no two are the same. I could look at them for hours. Mother nature at her finest. Even if you don't believe in their super powers, they are beautiful to look at.

Roxanne First

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Roxanne First Shares Her Inspirations - Vanity Fair

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