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Cyberpunk's character creator gives players a lot of options, even when it comes to things like tattoos. These are all the face tattoos in the game.

"In Night City, looks are everything."Cyberpunk 2077 tells you this during character creation, so it's safe to say that we should take them at their word. Some people might be disappointed that you only get to see V's face in only a handful of scenes, but this actually adds to the impact of these intense moments.

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The real question is, what tattoos do you want to see on V's face when you sink into tragedy, reminisce of the confusion around you, fall in love for the first time, or go into a battle rage for revenge? There are some zany and tasteful selections and then there are other options in which you'll be sure to have lots of "regerts" when you look into the mirror.

There is absolutely no hate for the classic tattoostyle here. The concept behind this Catholic rebel hybrid style is spot on and if you follow enough NPCs around Night City, you'll find plenty of both Catholics and rebels.

The problem here is immediately evident. It's devoid of color and it has totally faded. This only makes sense if V is 158 years old and never had time for a refresh.

Night City is full of guitarists who are professionals in every way, but if you walk by them sporting this, you might actually hear them breaktheir concentration and giggle at you.

Once again, it's a faded tattoo. Get a touch-up already! The flower just looks like it needs water. Or a removal. The potential of an electronic flower is there, but it's poorly executed.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been faulted for having too many muses and not enough originality, but it's hard to even see what the muse was supposed to be for this tattoo.

Do you like black marks on your cheeks? And what's up with the tattoo ink on top of V's metal socket? Is this a tattoo or did V's kid get into the magic markers again?

When peopledebate about whether Cyberpunk 2077 of Deux Ex is the best game of the genre, they should remember how much cosmetics set the mood.

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This tattoo does an excellent job merging grittiness with futurism between the teeth and the coding pictured.The only strike is that there's just too much black. Noir is great, but even black looks better with some supporting colors.

There are many things you should be told before playing Cyberpunk 2077 and the tone of the game is on that list. This selection is a lot worse when you don't see how embracing robotics is a legitimate character style.

The black around the eyes really works to make those peepers pop and sparkle, though there is still a little too much jet black. And the ears look like somebody spilled paint on them.

Night City has several hot spots that you are going to love. But the real love for some gamers is going to happen before ever stepping one foot into city limits.

It's a cultural tattoo, to be sure, but there is undeniable fantasy influence here. This tattoo is a throwback to the days of Dragon Age for many fans and if you decide to play as a Nomad, it's harder to imagine a better tattoo than one inspired by Dalish Elves.

Video gamers often think about who, along with Johnny Silverhand, is the greatest cyborg in gaming, but they get too far ahead of themselves. Don't forget about the protagonist of this game!

V is a cyborg with very few rivals and succeeds in many ways in which Johnny failed. The UPC label on the forehead is a tad clichin our own life and times, but in 2077, especially in Night City, it becomes much more iconic.

This tattoo is simple and bold.When there is too much going on, it'sdifficult to understand what kind of message a tattoo might convey. This tattoo only needs two colors, a bit of symmetry, and then lets the verbiage speak for itself.

Guns, spiders, pills, and a lethal lifestyle. One look from a pedestrian and they'll know what V is all about. It tells them whether V is the kind of person they want to approach or retreat from.

There's some great versatility with this tattoo. If you think you like a certain hairstyle and want to cover it up, great! But if you want to shave it down, you're already prepared with some sweet artwork.

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There's nothing on the front, but V already has a face that speaks for itself. This puts another face on the back of V's head. Faded blues, reds, and blacks, it's quite striking in an area most people consider an afterthought.

Red and black is a color combination that is hard to reckon with. Black widow spiders have a red and black signature look. The revolutionaries in Les Misrables used red and black for their flags and songs. And V's look here is ready to compete with both of those iconic images.

It's old school, the spiders and revolutionaries are represented in the artistry itself. And it looksstunning from any angle, which is important since V doesn't get to pose perfectly in every scene.

If it says "PUNK" and the game is Cyberpunk 2077, it almost feels like the creators of this tattoo had a bias to made it look a cut above. The symbolism is simply dripping from so many different places.

It's the rightratio of words to pictures and colors. A lot is going on, but it's not so overwhelming that other characters start to wonder if V fell asleep at a frat party. To top it all off, the colors are finally bright on this facial tattoo, separating itself from those other faded looks that make tattoo artists everywhere cringe.

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