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All the buzz began with a simple post that isn't reallyall that different from the usual one that Cardi puts up.

Cardi B dominates the charts regularly, and is controversial enoughto consistently capture the headlines of every entertainment source. She's bold, outspoken, and isn't shy about dressing up in wild outfits. In fact, fans think she has just become worthy of a superhero name!

What would you crown Cardi B, if you had to create a name for her superhero alias? You may want to think fast, because her fans are already well on their way through the namingprocess. It seems to have already been decided that Cardi B is getting her superhero status, effective immediately, and the votes for the best names are rolling in.

The imagetaking credit for all this attention is a photo of herself scantily clad in a black and hot pink number. What appears to be a tight bodysuit is rolled down to reveal a matching halter top. Cardi B's very defined abs are on full display, and there's a peekaboo-tattoo that teases her fans ever so slightly. In this photograph, her hair is big and perfectly coiffed, and her makeup is on point. She's clutching a Louis Vuitton post which is part of her prized purse collection. With bangles on her wrist and her hot pink thong being held up by oversized gold chains, it becomes instantly clear to her fans that Cardi B has morphed into a superhero, and they're looking to make it official by giving her a superhero name.

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The conversation about finding her superhero name is running like a stream through Cardi B's Instagram page.The comment that seemed to launch this unofficial superhero crowning was posted immediately after the image was uploaded, and it states; "Pink power ranger vibes ." From that, stemmed the inspiration to continue finding the perfect name, and fans were all over it.

Some names were pretty creative, and fans seemed to really enjoy sharing their ideas. Some of the bestsuggestions included: Fire Woman, Wap Warrior, Bardi C, SuperSlag, Black Panthot, Wapinga, and Cardi Venom.

So far, Cardi B hasn't weighed in on the fact that she's been christened as a superhero, nor has she shared her views on the names that people are suggesting for her. Something tells us that she'd be ok with getting a superhero name, though.

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Fans Think Cardi B Deserves A Superhero Name | TheThings - TheThings

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