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Assassin's Creed Valhalla hasn't been out for too long, but these cosplayers are already showing off their battle-ready Eivors.

When you first begin playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla you have a choice to play as either a male Eivor, female Eivor, or both. The story stays the same no matter who you choose, but female Eivor is by far a favorite among players. Her persona is powerful as she cuts down her enemies and fights for what is right throughout the story.

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Many cosplayers have decided to represent this character in their own way, and it almost makes you wish that the Vikings were alive today. The way these cosplayers modelfemale Eivor's makeup and design her armor makes it look like they were plucked straight from the game!

The setting of this cosplay, as well as the bearded axes she chose to wield in each hand make this cosplay come alive. You can feel her power and ambition in the way she stares down the camera and the creation of her outfit is unbelievable. It looks as it was crafted by real Vikings themselves, and that is the highest compliment a cosplayer like Chanti could ever receive.

Eivor is a member of the Raven clan, so it is only right that this cosplayer would choose to include one in her creation, even if it is photoshopped. The biggest thing that draws the eye is the detail of her bracers, as she took her time to place each blue stone and it makes you want to take a closer look. The choice that Daniella Mosca made in terms of the background helped make it more realistic as fans can believe that Ravensthorpe is just around the corner.

Eivor has a complicated hairstyle in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but Kate Lann nailed it. The way she utilizes wire as part of the design connects it back to the era of the Vikings and the axe she wields looks as if it could cut someone in two. Let's not forget her incredible outfit either as it is what really makes her cosplay pop due to the various fabrics and textures she used in its creation.

The Raven Clan armor set relates back to Eivor as it is the clan she belongs to in the game. The use of blue for the shirt underneath was a nice touch by Kelsey Atkins and the red fabric hanging down in front is a perfect match.

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The fur around her neck looks realistic and her choice to use a silver medallion matches that of Eivor's in the game.Herfacial tattoos are also on point as she was able to add a classic raven to the side of her head and the blue around her eyes brings attention to her face.

The Yuletide Event just ended, but that doesn't mean that the festivities have to end as a cosplayer named Elena Veres proves. Eivor is ready for the holiday season in this cosplay as she lays on her furs surrounded by empty ale jars. Let's not forget her outfit and facial makeup either, and the addition of the Santa hat was a nice touch to connect it to modern-day times.

Eivor is prepared for battle in this cosplay as she raises her two bearded axes while decked out in her best armor. No detail was forgotten between the tattoo on the side of her face and the stitching in the front of her armor. Shiva Cosplay did great work on this creation and makes fans view Eivor as a real-life Viking living in the world today.

Eivor lived for the thrill of battle and this cosplayer's expression explores this part of her personality. It shows her content with her life in England as she worked to fulfill her purpose and her destiny.

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Narya aka Malaka Couture is the cosplayer in this post and players love how her scar is visible on the far side of her face. The hair is a bit more feminine than fans are used to seeing in the game, but it makes them wish that a hairstyle like this did exist so they could use it on their in-game Eivor.

Opponents knew not to mess with Eivor in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and her reputation extended into every region. She was a force to be reckoned with and the splotches of blood on Maja Felicitas face prove this point, as well as the thickness and intricacy of her armor. You can almost imagine her making some of the same pointless choices as she does in the game.

The scar thatLupin added to her face looks so real it makes you believe she could have been attacked by wolves at a young age just like Eivor. Her choice to use a more reddish-hue for her hair is different from most other cosplays out there and is part of why it is so unique. Fans wish they could hear her say some of Eivor's best quotes as it would make their lives complete due to the realism of this cosplay.

Some players choose to use a ranged build, which often includes one of the many light bows in the game, like the one this cosplayer namedVictoria Hofferson is wielding. The splatter of blood across her face makes her seem deadly, even at a distance as she takes her aim with the bow. The way her hair is blowing in the wind gives it movement and adds a certain spark that not many cosplayers are able to capture.

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