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The silver lining of having to spend most of the last year at home is that it's given us more time to try new things, whether that's baking sourdough bread, knitting socks, or experimenting with makeup colours you usually don't wear. And a new year brings a fresh set of makeup trends to master, so if you're already bored of the looks you've perfected while quarantining in 2020, then you've found yourself in the right corner of the magazine. For 2021, vibrant colours and nostalgia are two major themes, which makes complete sense since many of us have been finding comfort in watching old TV shows or painting our nails cheery colours throughout the pandemic. Ahead, weve compiled the makeup trends that are going to blow up in 2021, according to experts.

With all of the mask wearing in our future, experts predict that smoldering eye looks will be famous among the 2021 makeup trend set.

A classic, wet-lined liner look can really make us feel put-together. Were obsessed with Nyx Professional Makeup Retractable Eyeliner. They're clean, and they come in all colours.

With all eyes on eyes, experts predict lots of playfulness when it comes to bright-coloured mascaras and technicolour lashes.

The sky is the limit where formula and colour are concerned, and if you're building up your sea legs, using one coat of coloured mascara first, followed by a stroke of black or brown a layering technique that will give you a slightly more subdued take on the trend.

As far as specifics when it comes to our wands of choice, we love the cobalt blue and deep-sea green options from LOral.

Are you noticing a theme here? Undoubtedly, 2021 will be the year for everything eyes and lashes, and the longer and more lifted, the better where your flutter is concerned.

Lash lifts will be an up-and-coming trend surge as far as splurge-worthy treatments go. This is a super-easy and accessible way to have a major beauty look with minimum effort. Look for technicians in your neighbourhood and make sure that you read their customer reviews!

That said, if your local lash spot isn't open or if you're not comfortable making appointments just yet, you still have options for maximum lash potential. Surratt Beauty's Noir Lash Tint might look bizarre, but it will give you the longest fringe you've ever had from a tube, and falsies or customisable gossamers will never go out of style.

There has been a definitive shift in focus from our pouts, but that doesn't mean we'll have no need for a megawatt lip moment in the coming year. (We're still predicting lots and lots of Zoom calls, Instagram Lives, and more in 2021.) Experts take? Choose something that's bold and has stamina.

Long-wear lipstick never had a more relevant place in our beauty bags! Apply a couple of coats of your favourite stain and blot in between each application this will stain your lips and allow you to wear a bold colour without it getting smeared all over your face if you end up putting a mask on. Armani Beauty's Lip Maestro collection is our absolute favourite. The colour range is epic, and the formula feels amazing on your lips.

Early 2000s makeup is back for 2021 with full, feathery brows and soft, chocolate brown lips.

The key, however, is to keep things light and fresh. To try the look yourself, filling in your brows with light, upward strokes using a thin brow pencil, which ensures a more realistic finish that mimics your natural brow hairs.

Then, create your chocolatey brown lip by outlining your pout with a flesh-tone lip liner, filling it all in with a moisturising lipstick, and pressing your lips together to blur out the lip line. Experts favourite is Propa Beauty's collection of lipstick, which contains a wide variety of neutral brown hues that cater to all skin tones.

We reported clean, glowing skin as a top beauty trend to watch earlier, and we were right on target.

Rocking your real and true skin will be where its at for 2021, and that means having a stellar skincare routine. We love a triple cleanse for creating a super-clear base start with a gentle face cleanser and massage it into the skin without rinsing. Next, add a facial scrub on top of the cleanser and massage it in, focusing on the nose, chin, and forehead, where theres usually a lot of product buildup. Again, dont rinse! Layer on a detox mask, which will help nix impurities, leaving your complexion soft and hydrated.

Leave all three products on for five minutes, rinse well with cool water, and pat your face dry. Refresh your skin with a face mist and add a hydrating face oil on top, pressing it softly into your skin to help stimulate blood flow and absorption. Do this one to two times per week for the best skin youll ever have in your life. No makeup required!

Of all the bourgeoning makeup trends on the rise for 2021, bold and bright eyelids are our absolute favourite.

Its time to get creative with the eyes and use all the colours of the rainbow to create something bold and unique on your eyelids. To re-create the runway look at home, painting colour-block shapes on the eyes with Juvia's Place Wahala II Eyeshadow Palette, or if you want something a tad more subtle, you can reach for a coloured liner instead. We love this trend because the sky is the limit, and youre free to be as expressive as you want to be!

You've probably seen graphic eyeliner looks all over Instagram, thanks to people getting creative with their eye makeup in response to face masks covering the lower half of our faces for most of 2020. This year, sharp lines are still going strong, whether it's a classic cat eye or a '60s-inspired negative space liner.

Opt for a creamy gel liner with a fine tip. You'll easily be able to draw precise lines without any tugging, but it also wont smudge or melt off. Maybelline's TattooStudio Waterproof Long Wearing Eyeliner Pencil is one of our go-to drugstore gel liners.

What do teenagers do when there's nothing to do? Make daring, permanent decisions with their aesthetic, of course. That can come in the form of a tattoo, a new piercing, or shaving their head (as we've seen a lot of teenage girls do on TikTok). Indeed, idle time made some fashion and makeup trends stand out in 2020. But none have been more consequential to late 2020 than the eyebrow slit, which gained popularity that will only carry through to 2021.

Eyebrow trends are known for evolving in the makeup world, and this semi-permanent change has a lot of people excited. It's edgy, unexpected, and surprising we can't help but feel that a lot of teens shocked their reserved parents with the boldness that the trend brings.

But eyebrow slits have been around for a long time. Coming onto the scene during the hip-hop era, eyebrow slits are indicative of a rebellious youth culture. So as far as 2021 is concerned, the timing of this trend coming back into the spotlight couldn't be better.

Its time to reverse your glitter application. This year well be rocking glitter under the eyes instead of on the lid. You heard it here first.

So bust out your wallet and head over to your local craft store, because glitter, sequins, and sparkle (with a hint of moodiness, courtesy of Euphoria's characters) will be one of the best makeup trends in 2021.


Makeup trends 2021 | Beauty - MAG THE WEEKLY - Mag The Weekly Magazine

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