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Who likes the dark spots on the side of the eyes?If one resorts to expensive cosmetic products to get rid of them, one tries home remedies like rubbing potato peels.However, women in Brazil are crossing all limits to hide the dark circle.They are tattooing a skin-colored tattoo around the eyes, so that one does not get a clutter of dark circles.

Tattoo techniques that cover the dark circle are the brainchild of Brazilian famous tattoo artist Rodolfo Torridge.With the help of a tattoo gun, he sprinkles a special ink with a color that matches the clients skin on the side of the eye.Due to this, the dark circles are covered, as well as the spots and spots of wrinkles are also not visible to the front.

According to Rodolfo, the ink used in tattoos settles under the outer layer of the skin.It plays the role of a wall between the outer layer and the chemicals that surround dark circles.This does not affect the effect of these chemicals on the skin and dark circles remain away.

Rodolfo claimed that the ink used in the tattoo is completely safe.It is enough for a customer to come to the parlor only once to get a tattoo of it.However, she may have to maintain makeup for a few days.

Stretch Markenvelopingtechnique was also introduced Rodolfohas madeheadlines earlierbyinventing Stretch Mark enveloping technique.In fact, men often complain of stretch marks emerging after fat loss and women giving birth to an infant.With the help of Rodolfo Airgun, the stretch mark stripes are filled with the skin colored ink of the customer.This causes the stretch mark skin color to dissolve so much that it does not even feel inking.

With the help of digital make-up on social media, people are resorting to video calls not only to get a glimpse of their loved ones, but also to organize an office meeting.However, people in the house do not feel like being dressed all the time.Due to increasing work habits, they do not even have time for makeup.In such a situation, an American company has introduced a virtual makeup app, which will help to show themselves as attractive on video calls by wearing facial makeup.

Brazils famous tattoo artist Rodolfo Torridge has invented this new technique.

Know what is special- Inthis technique, Rodolfo sprays special skin colored ink with tattoo gun.Black circles under the eyes are covered, wrinkles and spots are also hidden.

Why dark circlesoccur Dark circle is one of the most common problems, the main reason being the age of falling, lack of sleep, fatigue and the use of the screen for several hours continuously.However, in many cases it also points towards a lack of various nutrients including vitamins A, C, K, E and iron, cigarette-alcohol addiction is also responsible.

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New fashion trend went viral, women tattooing tattoos to hide dark circles and stretch mark - Primetime

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