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90 Day Fiance alum Yolanda Leak and former Bachelor contestant Josh Seiter enjoyed a whirlwind romance before ending things. Learn more about Josh.

Yolanda Leaks90 Day Fiancjourney did not go as planned, and unfortunately her post-show relationship with TheBachelorette alum Josh Seiter broke down shortly after they got engaged.

Yolanda Leak and Josh Seiter had awhirlwind romancethat heated up fast. The reality TV couple started dating in August 2020 and got engaged a few weeks later in October 2020. Fans did not believe they were together as they had not met in real life, outside of their first meeting on the Las Vegas strip. They were very affectionate on social media. Their profiles were filled with pictures and videos of each other. Josh even got Yolandas name tattooed on his arm. However, their relationship quickly soured soon after, when Josh revealed that Yolanda had started asking him for money to pay her bills. He also said she already had a boyfriend. Josh Seiter said, I now know that throughout the duration of our relationship, she had a boyfriend living with her; a boyfriend that was working with her behind the scenes to try to get money out of me. Although Yolanda denied these claims, it was evident that the relationship had broken down. Since then, Josh has moved on and is currently dating someone new. He recently decided to undergo tattoo removal surgeryto erase theYolanda tattoo, as his new girlfriend hated looking at it.

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Josh Seiter briefly appeared onThe Bacheloretteseason 11, with Kaitlyn Bristowe as the lead. He was eliminated in week 1. The reality star also went to Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2013. Although he earned his degree, he hasnt practiced law and it doesnt seem as though he has ever taken the bar exam. While Josh Seiter never officially became a lawyer, he has dabbled in other vocations, such as being a firefighter, an exotic dancer, and OnlyFans performer. He disclosed to the Chicago Tribune that he didnt really go on The Bachelorette to find love and was only there to highlight his skills as an exotic dancer. Seiter said, That whole finding a wife thing to me was kind of a ludicrous idea."

Although Josh and Yolanda didnt work out, it seems as though they are both flourishing in their individual lives. Yolanda Leak has a new man with whom she recently went Instagram official. Josh has a new girlfriend that he appeared to be in love with.

It seems like Josh and Yolanda's split was definitely for the best. Josh and Yolanda are old news, but there are a bunch of new couples to keep up with during90 Day Fiancseason 8 on TLC.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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90 Day Fiance: Everything To Know About Yolanda's Ex Josh Seiter - Screen Rant

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