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Loba is an awesome character in Apex Legends, and these people have paid awesome tribute with these cosplays.

Loba was a character in Apex Legends who was added back in season five and she is a favorite among players. Not only is she beautiful, but she also has a skill that opens a Black Market Boutique and allows everyone to choose two items from the surrounding area. She also has a bracelet that allows her to teleport short distances so she can escape from enemy teams without a trace.

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Many have decided to create cosplays of Loba in her honor as they choose her every time they load into a game. They capture her iconic makeup and hair, as well as model her outfit the best they can. The cosplayers bring Loba to life in the real world in ways that fans of this character have only imagined!

Loba looks absolutely stunning in this cosplay and it is her makeup that will catch your eye. It fades off at the ends just like hers and while the orange of Lunattrix's braids isn't real, this fact is barely noticeable. The green eyes are a bit too vibrant from Loba's usual hazel, but it adds to her aesthetic in a way that has fans wishing this was her actual eye color.

This cosplayer not only added Loba's tattoo to her chest, but she also made a realist-looking staff that looks like it could pull out a Black Market Boutique at any time. Her outfit is a great addition that really brings out Loba's spark, as well as the long red braids she is known for having. _Sarenji_ is the cosplayer in this post who has those who have never played before dreaming of unlocking this character even before their first jump.

The hazel eyes that the cosplayer named Walenda has are the most striking feature in her creation. The red makeup works to highlight them, and while the pink lipstick is a bit too bright for standard Loba, it was an added touch that made it all her own. The outfit itself looks incredible in its design and the way she braided her hair makesfans want to equip their best weapon skin and join a match.

One of the skins for Loba that players can unlock is calledBootlegger, and it is truly legendary. This is why awoman named Luminalisa decided to cosplay this version of Loba for fans of the game.

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She nailed it in every way from her white hair to the tailored striped outfit she created just for this. Her choice to wield a weapon and the staff, with the head of a wolf which was a gift from her father, took it to a whole new level that propelled Loba into the next dimension.

Loba loved beautiful things and was a high society girl despite being a thief, and this cosplayer portrayed thisside of her personality. The fit of her jacket over the corset is perfect, just like the silver gloves on her hands. It would also be hard for other cosplayers to beat the aura that Foxyy is putting off in her cosplay as she stares off into the distance with this high-maintenance vibe.

It's unclear if this cosplayer's MBTI matches that of Loba's, but these two could be twins. The definition of her face is a perfect match, and the way she intertwined the red into her brown hair couldn't have been done any better. Even her outfit is on point with all of the straps on her legs and the frills of her collar. Hannah Stocking is the cosplayer in this post who might be Loba reincarnated on Earth due to their numerous similarities.

Kami Terzieva is a gamer who plays Apex Legends, so it only makes sense she would choose to cosplay Loba, one of the best legends in the game. She almost looks like a younger version of this character based on the way her makeup allows her to look more youthful.

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The red of her hair is so vibrant and her choice to use her gaming space as the background for her picture is something only a true gamer would do. This cosplay will make you believe that this character exists in the real world, especially as her outfit connects her even closer to Loba.

The braids of this cosplayer are what draw the eye as she managed to make the red appear as if it is a part of her actual hair color. The gold choker around her neck is simpler than Loba's but better as it adds a bit of subtlety to her design. Sydney is the cosplayer in this post whose Loba impression has fans dreaming of the next big event so they can show off their skills with this character.

The corset makes this cosplay pop as it accentuates Hisandherslive's form in the way it hugs her waist. The use of her natural hair was also a nice touch as it makes her version of Loba look more realistic compared to others out there. The eye makeup is a bit darker than Loba's, but it draws more attention to her facial features and the look of sheer determination on her face.

The weapon that this cosplayer is using might not one of the best guns you can have, but it adds to her Loba aesthetic. She just gives off the vibe that this character has between the look in her eyes and the startling red braids hanging from her head. Diana Aleshina is the cosplayer in this post and her modernized Loba outfit brings it into reality and helps players view her as someone in today's day and age, rather than the fantasy realm of Apex Legends.

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