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If you have long hair, the idea of getting a bob cut might be terrifying but its worth a try. Even if you have short hair, refreshing you hairstyling and going for trendier bob is definitely recommended. Modern bob cuts feature a few innovations; there are highlights, hair tattoos and side buzz that you can sport with a bob cut.

If you are still feeling apprehensive, consider these A-listers who have taken a leap of faith and sported a bob! From Yami Gautam and Taapsee Pannu to Kylie Jenner and Reese Witherspoon, everyone has once sported shorter hair. All you have to do is have a chat with your stylist, discuss your doubts and trust only an expert. Make sure to get your chopped locks styled as per your taste and face shape.

Now if you have decided to sit on that chair and chop the length, here are the things to keep in mind:

Following are the types of bob cuts that you can try!

1. Blunt Bob Cut2. Short and Puffed Bob Cut3. Undercut Bob4. Long Bob Cut5. Oriental Bob Cut6. Inverted Bob Cut7. Layered Bob Cut8. FAQs - Bob Cut

This is one of the most preferred bob cuts among girls. It is always trending and looks classy. It adds volume and dimension to your hair. It looks good on any face type and will give a fresh look.

Pro Tip: Use trendy hair accessories to amp up the hairstyle.

This short bob makes the hair feel light, airy and gives a rough look at the ends. Styling it before going out can give you a perfect look.

Pro Tip: Use the hairstyling serum or spray at the ends and scrunch it with hands to add the dramatic element.

You can take your bob cut to the next level and give it a boyish enticement, this can be done by getting an undercut bob. The difference is that the hair at the back is boyishly or manly cut, while the long tresses are kept as it is.

Pro Tip: If you wish to take the step up, opt for a hair tattoo at the back and rock the cut.

A long bob is cut near the shoulders, also known as the lob cut. It looks good on most face shapes. This cut helps is drawing attention to the features of the face and looks elegant. As its longer at the front, it frames face features better.Pro Tip: Opt for lob if you dont wish to go extremely short and want to keep some length intact.

Oriental bob also knows as Chinese cut imitates a typical hair cut of Chinese women. It has heavy fringes with short blunt hair. This cut is one of the most preferred among young school going girls who want something trendy but low on maintenance.

Pro Tip: Add a cute ornamented hairband to make the fringes stand out.

Inverted bob is also known as graduated bob. This cut features short back and long fronts which is more curved and not flat at the back.

Pro Tip: Blow drythe hair for a fresher look while opting for this bob cut.

Layered bob is a cut done with sober layers to add extra texture and element to the whole look. It also adds more volume and is best suited for women with thin or low density hair.

Pro Tip: If you wish to keep it long, opt for layer only at the end of the hair length rather than starting from the top.

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Modern, Edgy And Bold: Different Bob Cuts For Girls To Try - Femina

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