Free tattoo removal event helps give people a clean break with past – Stockton Record

STOCKTON About 50 people signed up for a free tattoo removal event hosted by the nonprofit Fathers & Families of San Joaquin and the San Joaquin County Probation Department in downtown Stockton on Wednesday.

There are barriers that happen with the tattoos that keep people from getting jobs and different activities,Tina Curiel-Allen with the Family Strengthening Department of Fathers & Families said. So we do our best to reduce those barriers for the formerly incarcerated. Thats our focus, to reintroduce them into society in a good way and eliminate those barriers.

Registered nurse Elizabeth Aguilar with tattoo removal company says that the pain from the laser feels much line the spattering of hot oil. Patients are given small bags of ice to help soothe the temporary pain. The laser breaks up the ink in the tattoos, which is then absorbed into the body. Within a few days the ink of simple tattoos begin to fade. The more elaborate ones can take several attempts before theyre completely gone. Amateur tattoos can take up to 10 sessions to remove while professional ones can take up to twice that.

The people who lined up for the event were willing to endure the pain in hopes of getting a fresh start. Nicholas Patron of Stockton was first in line to get tattoos from his face and hands removed. When asked why, he said, so I can get a job.

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Free tattoo removal event helps give people a clean break with past - Stockton Record

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