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Given all the tattoos created for Looney Tunes' own wascly wabbit, it's safe to say the love for Bugs Bunny is incredibly high.

"Ehhhhh (chews on a carrot) what's up, Doc?" Those are the words of a legend. That's the only thing anyone can say about Bugs Bunny, the flagship character of theLooney Tunes, a classic series with some episodes that may not have aged all that well.And for fans, there's no better way to honor such a characterthan with a tattoo.

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Like with Bugs, tattoos are meant to last for an eternity. To stand the test of time and be a monument of sorts to a character or image that one loves. Given all the tattoos created for that wascly wabbit, it's safe to say the love for Bugs Bunny is incredibly high.

Probably what makes Bugs Bunny such a great character is his fantastic and witty sense of humor. From the simple yet hilarious jokes to the low-brow humor and of course the great physical comedy, Bug's always got a joke along with a carrot up his sleeve.

Even though doing a simple "Nanananana" is not the most extreme form of comedy, the unknown artist knows that it's enough to capture the wonderful humor of Bugs Bunny. Who knows, maybe he's mocking Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, or maybe even both.

Sometimes, italways seems that when someone gets a tattoo, they want it to be larger than life, to make a statement, andbe seen by everyone. Not that's that a bad thing. All it means is that the incredible art will be seen by all no matter what.

This is the case for Bam Kaczmarekwho got a life-sized looking Bugs Bunny head tattooed to the side of his face. Not only does the tattoo look incredible, but it's a testament to how larger than life Bugs can be.

It's fun to see artists take an iconic or well-known project and twist it into a fun little design of their own. Time and time again, artists always seem to have a knack for this, and this Unknown artist is a member of that club.

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The Vitruvian Man, a design by Leonardo Da Vinci, is meant to be a design of proportion. What this "Vitruvian Bunny" represents is more up to the viewer to decide than anything although they'll probably just say it's meant to look cool and be funny.

Most people know about the magician and the rabbit. It's a time-honored trick and even tradition to pull a rabbit from a hat. While Bugs Bunny wouldn't is a willing participant in such a trick, it's more likely that he'd be the magician pulling off the trick.

Spacey's Bizzare Inkis one word for the image. Another would be awesome, as it encaptures the essence of Bugs: a rabbit who always goesagainst the norm. For all audiences know, he's about to pull a humanout of that hat.

The list of iconic Looney Tunesepisodes is long and full of amazing episodes, although some may think Tiny Toons is better. The list of iconic Bugs Bunny episodes is incalculable in its length. The list of best Bug's Bunny shorts goes on and on for ages and yet, everyone can agree that one of the best eps is "What's Opera, Doc?"

Making fun of and paying homage to the Opera, something artist Dalgoda7, understands, Bugs is at his peak in comedy, running in a dress and singing his heart out. Who wouldn't want a tattooembodying that classic episode and character?

If there's anything more iconic than the Bug's Bunny shorts andLooney Tunesepisodes, it's gotta beSpace Jam. One of the strangest ideas ever conceived that has become an underrated guilty pleasure, unlike the WB show Loonatics Unleashed a show that can stay canceledand has a sequel on the way has, of course, inspired some great tattoos.

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Created by Fields Tattoo, Bugs in his Space Jam uniform is just a picture-perfect image for fans of the film and universe that Bug's is from. Then again, there's probably a decent amount of people who'd prefer LolaBunnySpace Jam tattoo over Bugs.

Now, every now and then, artists take liberties with their work. While most work based on the fun animated character represents that tenfold, there are a few that go another route and subvert the character into a bit more dramatic light.

Kevin Saxlerdefinitely went a different way with Bugs for his tattoo but it's an intriguing take on the character. After all, Bugs is sort of a character between life and death. So many times, he should've died. Yet, so many times, he shakes off the fantasticalinjuries.

EachLooney Tunes character has a specific attribute. Some are prideful, like Daffy. Others are stupidly intelligent, like Will E. Coyote. And some, like Bugs, are carefree and easy-going, the most chillcharacters in the series.

Of course, if Bugs Bunny were to be armed, the likes of Yosemite Sam(who's had some great shorts over the years), Elmer Fudd, and Marvin The Martianwouldn't stand a single chance. Bugs with a gun would be one of the most hilarious yet dangerous things to come out ofLooney Tunes.

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It's a thought Siren Tatoohas undoubtedly had and chuckled about before diving into craft this great piece of art. Even though one can't see who Bugs is about to fire on, all that matters is that the Bunnyis armed and it's no longer rabbit season.

Wearing nothing but white gloves doesn't really pass for being stylish but Bugs somehow manages to make it work. Yet, there are definitely fans who've at one point imagined what their favorite bunny would look like with some clothes on.

For FeliepeAndrewt, it's that Bugs would be one dapper-looking gentleman. Even though the typical Bug's charm and smile are replaced with a dour expression, Bugs still looks good in a suit with a bow tie and rose, almost as if he's about to become the next Godfather.

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