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Sinnerman Tattoo Company has added Northwoods Laser Center to its evolving services. One may think it would deter people from getting tattoos however new business owner Gretchen Walker says it has increased business, making an unwanted tattoo a little easier to remove.

"A lot of tattoo artists will see a patient that wants a coverup of an old tattoo,"GretchenWalker. "It helps to have that tattoo faded."

Depending on the age of the tattoo and the colors it could take a few sessions or more to either fade or fully remove the tattoo.

Jeremy Walker, Co Owner, Northwoods Laser Center said, "We can go over that tattoo that took a few hours to put on. We can go over that tattoo in a matter of minutes. It might take a few sessions to get where we want to get."

Northwoods Laser Center has been open for business since January 13th and is already building up referrals with the assistance of Sinnerman Tattoo Company.

Gretchen Walker came up with the idea two years ago when she began removing unwanted tattoos.

"I started driving down to Appleton to have my tattoos removed and it just started turning the wheels in my mind, said Walker. "I think the Rhinelander area and surrounding communities could benefit with this type of service."

Jeremy Walker wants to help out people in the community with removing offensive, or regrettable tattoo designs.

"We would like to reach out to the military recruiters because certain tattoos are not allowed also going to reach out to alcohol drug and rehabs that may have gotten tattoos in the darkest days of their lives that they don't want any more," said Jeremy Walker.

And for those asking if it hurts there is cryo air blowing on the lasered area to help reduce pain and swelling.

John Delis a first time laser tattoo client, described the process as, "I would say when the initial start was a little startling but then I'm guessing the surface of the skin started to numb a little so it wasn't that bad as I thought."

If you would like to book a laser appointment you can find Northwoods Laser Center on Facebook or contact Sinnerman Tattoo Company.


WJFW Newswatch 12 - News From Where You Live - Rhinelander Wisconsin WJFW TV-12 - WJFW-TV

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