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After taking time away from games to serve as the CEO of Liverpool Football Club, former executive Peter Moore has returned to the game industry.

Afterserving as the CEO of Liverpool Football Club, formerElectronic Arts (EA) COO and President of Sega of America Peter Moore has returned to the game industry. Moore joined the industry in the 90s, when he was hired by Sega during the height of the Dreamcast's popularity. He quickly rose through the company to become the president and spearheaded Sega's move away from hardware and intoits focus on software. After leaving Sega, he went to Microsoft, where he helped establish the Xbox division within the company as Corporate VP of Interactive Entertainment Business. He was known for his odd stunts during the Microsoft period, which included supposedly getting tattoos of the Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto IVlogos to coincide with the games' announcements.Until now, Moore's most recent position in games was as COO of EA, where he also worked in the EA Sports division.

In 2017, Moore left EA and joined British soccerorganization Liverpool Football Club as its CEO. The move made sense, as Moore is originally from Liverpool, but there was speculation as to whether he was stepping away from games permanently. During his time at Liverpool, Moore established the Peter Moore Foundation to support a variety of charitable causes and won the Premiere League CEO of the Year award in 2019. He was not connected to any game developers or companies until the end of 2020, when he joined Nifty Games as a member of its board of directors.

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In a tweet (via The Gamer), Moore announced yesterday that after leaving Liverpool Football Club, he is joining Unity Technologies as SVP and GM of Sports & Live Entertainment. The news comesonly a few months after Unity, a technology company that makes the Unity engine used by game developers, went public on the New York Stock Exchange,generating $1.3 billionin the process. Moore hinted in the tweet that Unity is working on some unannounced projects, saying that there's "more to come" following his announcement. Fans and other notable industry leaders, including head of Xbox Phil Spencer, congratulated Moore in the thread and jokingly asked where he's going to put the Unity tattoo.

It's unclear as to whether the "tattoos" that Moore received for theHalo 2andGrand Theft Auto IVannouncements are actually real. Some fans speculate that they were Photoshopped into images afterthe announcement, while others said that the tattoos were only temporary and weren't actually real. Some sources claim that Moore still has the tattoos,which has only added fuel to the fire. Regardless, the stunt got Moore noticed by the public and showcased his dedication to Xbox and its franchises.

Unity develops engines and supporting tools for developers instead of making games themselves, so Moore's background in technology and hardware may prove useful in that respect. A sports and live entertainment division at the company also suggests thatit may branch into utilities for live games or sports in the future. Unity may not make the flashiest or most exciting products for the average consumer, but their engines make it possible for a significant amount of games to be made, particularly in the indie sphere.Hopefully Moore's work at Unity will lead to big things for the gaming industry.

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Source: Peter Moore(viaThe Gamer)

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