UK lotto winner shares photo of her bizarre bum tattoos on Instagram –

One of Britains youngest lottery winners has taken to Instagram to share a racy snap of her rear.

Jane Park was just 17 years old when she won 1 million on EuroMillions in 2013.

She has since gained huge popularity on Instagram, sharing images of her flashy new life on the social media platform.

On Wednesday, during an Instagram Q&A, the now 25-year-old was asked a question about a tattoo on her booty, prompting her to share a revealing snap.

True of false: Ur tattoo on ur ass is exs names, a follower asked.

Ms Park immediately responded false, showing a zoomed photo of her behind in a brown G-string.

The image also revealed the now UK influencer to have seven other tattoos, but it hasnt been confirmed if all eight are permanent.

Each tattoo appears to be in a slightly different font and includes Maga 13, Maga 14 and Maga 15, seemingly in tribute to the clubbing haven Magaluf, according to The Sun.

Ms Park, of Edinburgh, often shares bikini photos from a distance with fans eager to find out what her tattoos say.

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Me zooming in to see the transcribe of the holy grail! one person wrote on her page.

Ms Park spent more than 50,000 of her win on makeovers including a boob job and a Brazilian bum lift in 2017.

She said the procedure, which took place in Turkey, almost claimed her life after she suffered a severe reaction to the anaesthetic.

Im in absolute agony. I know the saying is pain is beauty, but this is horrific, she said in a Snapchat clip at the time.

It started with a little pain in my leg, a fever and then pins and needles, however, the pain is now severe.

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Theyre (the doctors) are almost certain its sepsis. Im frightened and Im emotionally drained.

In an interview with British TV program This Morning, Jane said she became obsessed with getting the surgery after seeing pictures of several celebrities on social media who had undergone the same procedure.

I saw loads of celebs, from The Only Way Is Essex and things, on social media and it just seemed like an easier route to lose weight, she said.

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In the procedure they take fat from unwanted places and put into your bottom and the thought of getting a bigger bum and taking that fat was great.

During her Q&A with followers on Wednesday, Jane also revealed she has an OnlyFans account.

In 2019, a source told The Sun she has 1500 subscribers paying 30 ($53) a month to see her profile.

Jane has 1500 subscribers paying 30 ($53) a month to see her profile.

Men can then pay an additional 50 ($90) for topless images. She is set to make another million by the end of 2020. Its crazy, completely unexpected.

In June last year Jane revealed she was still single, even though 100,000 men applied to be her 60k boyfriend.

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UK lotto winner shares photo of her bizarre bum tattoos on Instagram -

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