BTS’ Jungkook reveals tattoos on show and fans are excited to get a close-up view – CNA


His body ink is usually blurred out during appearances but this time, they were laid bare for all to see, including a new tattoo of a microphone.


Its not exactly a secret that BTS member Jungkook has a lot of tattoos at least 18, if you believe the rumours. But these tattoos have usually been blurred out or hidden with makeup during TV appearances and performances.

So imagine everyones surprise when Jungkooks body ink was laid bare for all to see on episode 125 of the web series Run BTS!.

During the recent show, the 23-year-old Jungkook and his bandmates (excluding Suga) had a cooking challenge where they had to preparea meal using canned ham, with famous chef Baek Jong-won judging them.

So Jungkook rolled up his sleeves and got to work and that was when viewers collectively lost focus on the dish being cooked and fixated on his tattoos instead, especially a new one of a large microphone.

Fans were in disbelief at the clarity with which they could view their idols sleeve art with one person tweeting, I cant believe after everything we got the fullest view of jungkooks tattoos at every angle in a ham-themed episode.

ARMYs also got busy analysing his numerous tatts, which include a large red eye and a skeleton hand doing a rock on gesture, on Twitter. He also has the phrases Make hay while the sun shines and Rather be dead than cool intersecting.

Several people pointed out that his microphone and musical note tattoos proved how much he loved music.

Not everyone was happy with the reveal, though, with one fan on Korean forum The Qoo saying that Jungkook shouldn't have "ruined his body" with the tattoos.

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BTS' Jungkook reveals tattoos on show and fans are excited to get a close-up view - CNA

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