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Master barber and tattoo artist leads nationwide movement in revolutionary treatment through hisexpert color blending technique, knack for perfectionism and devotion to his clients happiness

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Miami, Florida Dec 24, 2020 ( Perry is the USleading expert in scalp micro-pigmentation. Taylor and his staff have helped thousands of people regain their self-esteem and confidence by producing some of the best scalp micro-pigmentation the world has come to see. Men and women can now revamp their confidence level with the natural-looking hair tattoo procedure, SMP, and bring their self-esteem back feeling younger with the help of this technology treatment.

Taylor Perry, South Floridas premier Master Barber, and SMP expert is eliminating receding hairlines with this game-changing technology, giving you the boost that you have always needed. This scalp tattoo treatment has shown to increase ones self-esteem and confidence, giving men and women a new outlook on life.

While wigs and hair and hairpieces might do the job, they can be hot, uncomfortable, and time-consuming to adjust. The SMP magic will most certainly create that natural and subtle look youve been looking for, by offering a permanent and confidence-restoring solution for many balding men and women.

Helping clients cope with baldness has always been part of Perrys job, and now hes entirely devoted to making them feel their best. Knowing most clients go into the procedure with some hesitation, Perry sits down with each person and carefully takes them through the process. Once theyve decided on the hairline placement together, he stops to show them the progress and educate them on what theyre seeing. No matter the case or the person sitting in his chair, the outcome is usually the same: joy and gratitude.

Times have changed in the barber industry and Perry is staying relevant and evolving as the industry grows. In addition to his work, Perry also has a training program where he teaches his techniques to other barbers and tattoo artists around the world by offering them a hands-on experience with live models.

For more information on Taylor Perrys revolutionary SMP services and work, visit @TaylorPerry on Instagram.



Taylor Perry is the global leader in scalp micropigmentation (SMP), a non-surgical procedure that deposits ink into the scalp to mimic the look of a shaved head. Perrys career began when he was just 15 years old when he taught himself to cut hair and began working at a barbershop. By the next year, Perry was enrolled in cosmetology school, simultaneously working toward a license and servicing clients. It was around this time that Perry also picked up tattooing, buying equipment and teaching himself how to draw, mix colors, and shade designs like the artists hed admired. Years later, Perry came across SMP, and once his identities collidedbarber and tattoo artistPerry knew hed found his niche. His chair hasnt been empty since. Perrys expert color blending technique and devotion to his craft have elevated him to be a leader in the field, creating newfound confidence and happiness in men who struggle with balding and hair loss all over the world. Additionally, he also offers scar and stretches mark camouflage. For more information on Taylor Perrys services and work, visit @TaylorPerry on Instagram.

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New Year New Me LifeChanging Scalp Micropigmentation For Men and Women - Pro News Report

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