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The Reddit user Sorceress683 decided toask tattoo artists about their mistakes. This question got alot ofreplies. People shared their stories about their failures and their clients reactions.

WeatBright Side have chosen the most interesting stories toshare with you.

One ofthe artists misspelled neighborhood onthis guys neck. Hespelled itneigborhood, leaving out the first H. Neighborhood was the guys nickname. Itwas apretty large, elaborate tattoo, sothere was nofixingit. Idont thinkI have ever cringed sohard inmylife. The guy was surprisingly really cool aboutit. Hedid see the drawing and approved itbefore itwas tattooedon. Heended upmaking the artist tattoo anH onhis palm soifanyone asked him about the misspelling hecould smack that person with the missing H. eccoothedolphin/ Reddit

MyONLY spelling mistake ever was inItalian. Girl wants aphrase inItalian. She writes itdown noless than 5xonapiece ofpaper. Itell her tomake sure itiscorrect, Idont speak Italian. She insists itiscorrect. Idraw upsome nice script, tattoo itwith noissues, bandageit, she pays, and she leaves. She comes back inhysterics and tells meI spelled itwrong. Ihadnt thrown out the paper. Ispelled itexactly how she spelledit. Iasked what she wanted todo, and she decided ehnooneI know speaks Italian. That was about 15years ago, Ioften wonder ifshe ended upgetting itcoveredup. Zornamental/ Reddit

Iwas working ataplace when aguy came infor afull back piece of3different cars. Ittook like 4visits tofinish and each visit hed look atitand say itlooks awesome, and then hewould take off. Onthe last visit, they call meintolook atitand show mehow awesome itturned out. Well, all the steering wheels were onthe wrong side and the reason noone caught itwas because the dude was looking inamirror tocheck his progress, sothey looked correct. Im pretty sure the guy was super chill about itwhen they offered abunch offree work and they fixed itinanother session. JoshSidekick/ Reddit

Ihad aclient who decided hewanted lettering onhis forearms, sayings inGreek and Hebrew. Hedoesnt speak either language, but hehad one ofhis friends double-check the spelling before hesent the references tome. Camein, wedid the tattoos, itwas apretty simple appointment. Fast forward toacouple ofweeks later. Heowns asmall construction/restoration company and has afew Israeli guys who work for him that were laughing athim alot. The font hehad chosen off aquick google search essentially changed acouple ofthe letters, making itacompletely different word. Weended upbeing able tofix itpretty easily and had agood laugh aboutit, but definitely beware when youre getting tattoos inalanguage you and your artist dont speak! Isabump/ Reddit

SoIdidnt mess upbutI had aclient scareme. Iwas tattooing his sisters name onhim (she passed away). Gabriela with 1L init. Past the point ofnoreturn, heasks metheres 2Ls, right? IthinkI had aheart attack, and hestarted laughing. Hethought itwas hilarious, Idied alittle and pretended tolaugh. tinawww/ Reddit

Afew years agoI was tattooing aclient who had apparently lost abet. Itwas Aleprechaun throwing uponabook. Sure, why not, everyone was sober and they were paying pounds upfront. Everyone likedit... Except for the guy with the tattoo. Comes inabout 10days later, demanding arefund ofmoney. Iwas yelled atbymyboss and told toNEVER tattoo anyone like that, itonly works intelevision series orfilms. Mars_The_68thMedic/ Reddit

Had adad getting his childrens birthdays wrong (happens alot actually. Dude, Idont know what month your kid was born... Call your wife!). Totally_Not_*/ Reddit

Agirl came infor atattoo ofasimple heart onher shoulder. She brought inher boyfriend who, while myfriend was settingup, kept ranting about how expensive itwas, how its alittle work, and how itshouldnt cost that much... blah blah blah. Myfriend was listening tohim while settingup, and when hefinished hesaid look, ifyou wantto, you can tattoo your girlfriend free ofcharge. They happily agreed, and anhour later she walked out ofthe shop with atattoo ofapotato onher shoulder. dankboipablo/ Reddit

Isaw this once: there was anAsian girl and aguy with atattoo inChinese. She asked him what the tattoo meant. Hesaid, Ilove mymother. The girl laughed and said that itactually meant, Ilove horses. louiscypher8/ Reddit

Ihad aclient email measking for a4-letter acronym. Iput the letters into afont generator and sent him back some options. Hepicked the one heliked best and weset anappointment date. Midway through the tattoo, Iasked him what the letters stood for and hetoldme. Myheart stopped. The letters were inthe wrong order. The rest ofthe time, Ispent fixing the tattoo. ALasagnaForOne/ Reddit

Ive never really made any big mistakes that garnered areaction, but one ofmyclients has atattoo from another artist atalocal studio that says Gradad instead ofGrandad. mt995/ Reddit

Once had aclient call the shop who was crying hysterically because, according toher, Ihad done her tattoo backward. Ittook afew minutes toget her tocalm down tothe point where werealized she was looking atitinthe mirror. She apologized and hungup. willieyobslayer/ Reddit

Doyou know any stories about failed tattoos? Share them withus inthe comment section below!

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Tattoo Artists Talked About Their Mistakes and Now We'll Think Twice Before Getting a Tattoo - - The Nation Newspaper

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