Style ‘The Bernie Meme’ Is Forever Immortalized on a Denver Man’s Body –

Bernie meme created by OCN

It all started so innocently:an unassuming tattoo parlor, Copperhead Tattoo Parlor, an inquisitive BBQrestaurant, Owlbear Barbecue, and a simple request for the Bernie meme.

Enter tattoo artist, Sam Kuhn. According to The Denver Channel, Kuhn printed off the viral Bernie meme for the Denver, Colorado, restaurant to post on their door, and a few hours later, James McFaulOwlbear Barbecue smoker, friend, and tattoo clientmade his way to Kuhn's chair and left later that day with Bernie on his body. On his leg, to be exact.

The Bernie meme made its debut on social media hours after the Inauguration on January 20, 2021, when a photo of Bernie Sanders socially distancedduring the event, sitting with hands crossedwiththose now-famous Vermont repurposed sweater mittens, caught the attention of America. Really,the world. Social media blew up with Bernie appearing in photos sitting on the bench with Forrest Gump, onthe couch with the Friends cast, and so many more skillfully photoshopped and clever images. Not to mention the overwhelm ofBernie merch!

As for the Bernie meme tattoo, we've not seen another of its kind ...yet. For the time being, it seems it's anoriginal, much like Bernie Sanders himself.

And so concludes the story of how BBQ, body art, and the "Bern" managed to put a smile on our faces. How about yours?

Did this tattoo make you smile? Let us know in the comments.

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Style 'The Bernie Meme' Is Forever Immortalized on a Denver Man's Body -

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