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Yesterday, Halsey casually hopped online and revealed that shes pregnant (!!!!!), which is Brand! New! Information! Halsey is expecting a child with her boyfriend Alev Aydin, whom shes been dating since at least the summerwhen they got slightly mysterious matching foot tattoos of the word seeds.

Sowhat does it all mean? According to tattoo artist Amanda Owley, who gave the couple their ink, theres important meaning behind them.

[Halsey] said that everything with how the planets were aligned and where the cosmos were at that moment indicated that it was the best time to plant seeds into the ground of life, Owley told People. They wanted to get the words on their feet because it was closest to the earth.

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Cool-cool-cool, but prepare for this cuteness: They got the tattoos in each others handwriting, which is a pretty intimate thing to do, Owley said. They probably practiced writing it about a hundred times before they found the right one.

Oh, and apparently Halsey also told Owley that she and Alev had been friends for a long time, and Owley said, They were laughing a lot the whole time. They were definitely really close.

Too. Cute.

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You love all the nitty-gritty deets on celeb tattoos. So do we. Lets overanalyze them together.

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