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Britney Spears fans shared their concern about the singers well-being after she shared a new video where she spoke of her goals for the new year. She responded to fan questions and ran down a list of the things she hoped to accomplish in 2021.

Britney said her No. 1 objective was to meditate more. Her second was to take a cooking class. A third was to take a Pilates class and follow through with it. For her fourth, she joked that she has got to try this ice cream diet.

Britneys clip received a lot of attention from her nearly 30 million Instagram followers. Over 452,000 liked it and thousands left comments. Many shared their concern and worried she was not expressing her own feelings. Others felt she was reading something off-camera as her eyes darted as she spoke.

Some worried that the clip might have been overdubbed as Britneys speech did not appear to sync properly with the video.

Queen of answering questions no one asked, one fan joked in response to the commentary provided by the pop superstar.

She is literally reading from something behind the camera, a concerned follower claimed.

Somethings wrong she keeps looking away, an Instagram viewer noted, observing how the singers eyes kept darting back and forth as she looked at the camera.

She heard? This proves she does not see her account. And why doesnt her voice match the video, a worried fan asked.

In the caption, Britney apologized to her followers for not taking the time to fix her makeup and shared her skepticism for a diet fad, looking at the camera with wide eyes.

She wore a black peasant-style crop top that was cut low in the front. A pair of shorts was positioned extremely low on her hips. They showed off a tiny tattoo and her trim waist. She added black high-heeled black pumps, which elongated her toned legs. The outfit was similar to many the singer has worn in the past.

Britneys hair was pulled up into a loose topknot, with soft bangs brushing her forehead.

Her accessories included several bracelets on her right wrist and a delicate necklace that lay atop her collarbone. She wore a silver ring on her thumb, and a belly button ring sparkled in her navel.

Britney stood in a living area of her gorgeous home, which featured light-colored tiled flooring. This is the same place she films many of her clips, including a recent upload where she danced seductively to her ex Justin Timberlakes hit with Jay Z, Holy Grail, as reported by The Inquisitr.


Britney Spears Fans Concerned About Singers Well-Being After Her Latest Video Upload - The Inquisitr

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