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Several stars have shown their appreciation for their partners by getting huge portraits of them inked on their skin.

Deciding to permanently ink a portrait of your significant other is a dangerous move. Too many celebrities have made the mistake of getting their partner's face tattooed on their bodies, only to have their relationships crumble,leaving a heartbreaking reminder of their ex etched into their skin forever.

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Several stars have shown their appreciation for their partners by getting huge portraits of them inked on their skin. But, more often than not, these celeb couples break up, and what's left is stars like Hailey Bieber having to look at Justin Bieber's arm tattoo of his ex, Selena Gomez every day.

Justin Bieber is now a married man, but before he tied the knot to Hailey Bieber, the singer was in a very long, and complicated relationship with Selena Gomez.

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Bieber wanted to let Gomez know that he was devoted to the songstress by getting a tattoo of herbased on her Elle photoshoot, according to Insider. While he never spoke about whohis angel tattoo on his arm was, he finally admitted that it was a portrait of Gomez in an interview with GQ in 2016.

While songstress Jhene Aiko had a very impressive tattoo of her now-ex Big Sean tattooed on the back of her left arm, she ended up covering his portrait with a huge dragon tattoo that now covers her entire back and arm.

The cover-up in 2018 had several fans believing that the two had split and she also unfollowed him on social media. However, rumors have circulated that the A-list couple is back on with Aiko denying that she got his face covered up on purpose.

Amber Rose has several tattoos but one of her most talked-about (besides her head tattoo of her children's names), is her ink of ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

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The rapper and the influencer were married for three years but split in 2016. Even though they are now on good terms, co-parenting their son Sebastian, she still decided to cover up his portrait with a new portrait of Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash.

Soccer star David Beckham has over 40 tattoos, but his most meaningfulmay be the several ones dedicated to his wife, Victoria Beckham. According to Insider, Beckham has the former Spice Girl's name inked on his wrist, as well as this nude, full-body tattoo of his wife on his arm.

Victoria has also inked her husband's initials on her skin as well as their wedding anniversary in Roman numerals.

Chris Brown is another artist who loves getting inked, with one of his most controversial being a portrait of what looks like his ex, Karrueche Tran, who he dated on-and-off from 2011-2014, according to USA Today.

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The couple's relationship ended up with Tran filing a restraining order against the rapper,and it looks like Brown will always have a memory of his ex permanently inked on his skin.

Hopefully, actress Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego's marriage last forever because the Italian artist has his wife's face tattooed on his arm. In response to his tattoo, theGuardians of the Galaxystar got a tattoo of Perego's face on her ribs.

Appearing onThe Late Late Show with James Corden,the actress admitted to having the tattoo, sharing, "We're those kind of people."

Showing Nas' former tattoo of his then-wife, Kelis may be too inappropriate, but the rapper did commemorate his marriage to the singer with a portrait of Kelis topless. However, the two went their separate ways with Kelis filing for divorce from Nas while she was seven months pregnant with their child, according to MTV.

After the divorce, Nas covered up his ink with a lion's head.

Before Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid were an item, he was a popular boy band member from One Direction dating Little Mix starlet Perrie Edwards. The pair got engaged and Malik made the bold decision to get a cartoon version of Edwards inked on his bicep.

According toHello! magazine, Malik has since covered up his tattoo of his ex-fiance, but it's hard to tell what his new ink is. At least Gigi Hadid is pleased.

Kat Von D revealed her tattoo of a childhood photo of her then-boyfriend Jesse James while on her TLC show,LA Ink.However, when she showed James the tattoo, Insider noted that he was not very happy with it.

In 2011, the couple split, with the tattoo artist stating that James cheated on her with multiple women. She has since lasered off the portrait of her ex instead of covering it up.

Carey Hart and Pink had a rollercoaster relationship, but they are on good terms as of now. To commemorate his wife, Hart got a Day of the Dead-inspired tattoo of the songstress on the back of his calf.

The married couple also have matching tattoos that read, "Tru Love" on their wrists.

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