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Zack Snyder's Justice League is enacting several changes, one of which is now an entirely new look for Jared Leto's Joker from Suicide Squad.

The Zack Snyder cut of Justice League is fixing the most hated part of Jared Letos Joker. In David Ayers Suicide Squad, the Crown Prince of Crime had very short green hair and his body was littered with an inordinate amount of tattoos. Most fans and critics took issue with the way the famed villain looked, with some suggesting that his tattoos one of which read damaged and was written across his forehead were far too on the nose for the deranged character. However, Snyder recently shared a photo that reveals the ways in which Justice Leagues version of the Joker reimagines the most divisive aspect of the original.

Snyder posted a black and white image of the Joker to his Vero and Twitter accounts. At the forefront of the picture was Leto holding up a playing card of the Joker, complete with a wickedly huge smile and a jester costume. Meanwhile, the Justice Leagues Joker sat in the background, his features largely blurred out. Despite the obscure print, its clear as day that this Joker does not have any obvious tattoos adorning his face or neck. His hair is also much longer than it was before, shoulder-length, slicked back, and with a visibly receding hairline. His eyes and mouth look somewhat hollow and hes not sporting his usually wide and scary smile. Whats more, the Joker is wearing loose-fitting gloves and what seems to be a straightjacket. Is Batman visiting him in Arkham Asylum?

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Letos version of the Joker didnt appear in 2017s Justice League, making the Snyder Cut his second venture within the DC Extended Universe. As soon as the first images of his Joker dropped, fans took to social media to disparage his Suicide Squad look. While the film has been divisive among fans and critics alike, Jokers look in the movie received the most backlash. Ayer has even gone on record and apologized for the damaged tattoo idea, calling it one step too far.

Interestingly enough, the Crown Prince of Crimes changed appearance in Snyders Justice League could easily be compared with Heath Ledgers Joker from The Dark Knight and even Joaquin Phoenixs take on the villain from Todd Phillips divisive Joker. Keeping in line with these traditional looks, Snyder has effectively given fans a different version of the same character and its rather refreshing.

Its unclear where in the timeline this Joker might be or if this is just a flashback moment to before he got his tattoos. Either way, gone are the visible markers that made watching Letos Joker so distracting, with his excess jewelry and body ink of laughing mouths and Ha Ha Has that were over-the-top and unnecessary. Ultimately, Snyders version of the character allows for a fun spin on a devious and well-established character, giving fans another unique take on the ruthless villain that has been a part of the DCEU be it in-person or by reference like in Birds of Prey for quite some time. It's aJustice Leagueredesign that is certainly most welcome.

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Justice League's Snyder Cut Is Fixing The Most Hated Part Of Leto's Joker - Screen Rant

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