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The character designs in The Promised Neverland may not be extravagant, but the characters themselves are so appealing that fans love to cosplay them!

The character designs in The Promised Neverland may not be extravagant, but the characters themselves are so appealing that cosplayers are flocking toward them.Emma's tragic circumstances and loyalty make her one of the mostendearing anime protagonists introduced in the last decade. With the help of her friendsNorman, Ray, and the other children at Grace Field House, Emma has managed to captivate anime fans' hearts like only pure-hearted anime protagonists like Goku and Tanjiro have ever managed to.

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These captivated fanscan be seen below, cosplaying as the orange-haired protagonist in a variety of different settings.Emma'scharacter design in The Promised Neverland may not be extravagant, but she is still appealing enough for cosplayers to flock to her.

The first cosplayer isvia Twitter and manages to captureEmma's personalityand wardrobebetter than any other entries.The look of determination on this cosplayer's faceperfectly matches Emma's after discovering the tragic reality of her home.

Somebelieve that cosplayers should only aim to recreate characters that already look likethey do, as if realism is a must when recreating fictional characters. Regardless of what others might believe, this cosplayer embraces Emma's character with confidenceand perfectly as well. The boots are justperfect!

Emma's character is as pure-hearted as anime protagonists come. Much like Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer,she refuses to leave her friends or family behind regardless of the threats her loyalty may create.

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It seems that Emma would rather sacrifice herself than leave any of her family behind. Luckily, Emma has the physical traits and leadership skills that Ray and Norman need to escape plans to succeed. This fact forces them to concede when Emma stubbornly refuses to leave anyone behind.

Isabella is easily the most frightening character inThe Promised Neverlandanime, although Krone is a close second. That says a lot when this world is full of demons that eat children for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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This cosplay reenacts one of the most heart-wrenching scenes from the first season ofThe Promised Neverland. Fans would be wise to remember just how terrifying Isabella can be when provoked.

One of the most important variables to consider when cosplaying is the difficulty of recreating a character design in real life. Characters like Meruem from Hunter X Hunterare complicated to recreate, but Emma is simple.

This cosplayer proves just how simple and Emma's cosplay can be by recreating her character design with nothing more than a wig and a white dress shirt. While makeup can certainly enhance cosplay, they prove that it is unnecessary to digitally add Emma's Farm Identifier after posing for the photo. For any hesitant cosplayers out there, Emma may be the perfect place to start.

SuzuSparkel is a Cosplayer and Youtuber from Vancouver, Canada that shares her knowledge of cosplay and makeup with whoever is willing to seek out her channel. Here she demonstrates exactly how a simple cosplay like Emma can be enhanced using makeup and a couple of cheap accessories. This cosplayer can help those new to the art form by guiding them to the resources they need to take their cosplay to the next level. For example, in her Emma Cosplay video, SuzuSparkel explains how she recreated Emma's Tattoo without make-up or digital enhancements.

The Promised Neverland's main triomay not compete with the likes of other anime trio's in terms of power just yet, but they are certainly some of the most relatable characters in all of anime.

Norman's calm and methodical demeanor balances Emma's frantic personality, while Ray supplements the two of them with his pragmatism. This cosplay gives all three of these characters a chance to shinelike the anime and the manga. Not only this,these cosplayers wisely direct the viewers' attention to the immaculately recreated tattoos on their necks.

Emma's curiosity is the number one reason the plot ofThe Promised Neverland developed past the first few episodes. Without the combination of her kindness and her curious nature, the young orange-haired protagonist never would have discovered the tragic nature of the Grace Field House.

This cosplayer demonstrates Emma's curiosityand even manages to reimagineThe Promised Neverlandsetting in the real world. The picture captures the essence of The Promised Neverland so well. Readers may have to take a step back to remember that this franchise was originally animated.

The promised pen that Norman, Ray, and Emma all possess at different points throughout the first season ofThe Promised Neverlandanime is as mysterious as it is useful. The pen itself houses technology that can link its user to a network of information unlike any other.

This cosplayer capturesThe Promised Neverland's essenceby focusingon the mysterious nature of the promised pen. The orange wig they are wearing is also the perfect replica of Emma's classicanime hairstyle!

This cosplayer deserves points for recreating this pose by Emma with extreme care and attention to detail. Even the way their collar falls matches the way Emma's collar covers up the majority of her tattoo.

The chandelier that looks like a birdcage in the background of this cosplayer's photo also hints at the ever-present tone of hopelessness that permeates the Grace Field Home. Luckily, Emma is a beacon of hope that cannot be caged, regardless of how tight her restraints may be.

Perhaps the two most difficult aspects a cosplayer has to account for when recreating Emma in the real world are her giant green anime eyes and her bright orange anime hair. It may besimpleto recreate Emma's hair using a good wig, but what about her eyes.

Anime eyes are notorious for ignoring the natural proportions of a human face.Thismakes them nearly impossible to mimic without CGI or digital enhancement. Kleinerpixel recreates Emma's eyes using color contacts and makeup, and although they don't match Emma's proportionally, they look incredible.

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