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This list takes a look at the rich and famous in particular those who have decided to ink their faces.

While most people tend to get tattoos on their arms, legs, and other parts of their body that could easily be hidden some people are obsessed with getting tattoos on their faces.

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Todays list takes a look at the rich and famous in particular those who have decided to ink their faces. Whether its delicate and barely noticeable face tattoos such as those that Justin Bieber and Halsey have or a multitude of different face tattoos like the ones Post Malone and Travis Scott have, keep on scrolling to see how these celebs decided to mark their faces!

Kicking the list off is rapper Post Malone who has at least 65 known tattoos. As fans know a lot of them are on the musician's face such as an upsidedown sword, two ace-of-spades cards, the sayings "Always Tired" and "Stay Away", some barbed wire, and a couple more. Considering that there is still some space for tattoos, no one would be surprised if Post Malone added to the collection in the future.

Next on the list is musician Halsey who is certainly known for her unique style which frequently changed over the years. Halsey is also no stranger to tattoos and she definitely has a few, however, so far the star only has one on her face. In 2018 the musician revealed her new face tattoo on Instagram and as seen in the photo above, it is the letter 'Q' in red ink accompanied by a small diamond to resemble the Queen of diamonds playing card.

Another famous female musician that absolutely loves tattoos is Kehlani. Anyone who follows the star knows that over the years Kehlani added quite a few tattoos to her collection and when it comes to her face she has a few.

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So far Kehani's face tattoo collection consists of a queen of hearts symbol, the phrase Espritu Libre, a paper plane under her left eye, as well as black dots under both the inner and outer corner of her eyes.

Lets move on to Canadian musician Justin Bieber who is certainly also no stranger to tattoos. As fans know, the musician who originally rose to fame through YouTube has plenty of visible tattoos on his body however his face tattoo is rather delicate. As seen in the photo, right above his eyebrow Justin Bieber has the word 'grace' tattooed in light script.

A celebrity with certainly one of the most memorable face tattoos is tattoo artist Kat Von D who has a bunch of stars tattooed on the left side of her face. Yes, the reality television star and entrepreneur certainly has plenty of other tattoos but the one on her face is by far her most recognizable one!

Another celebrity that found his way onto todays list is musician Chris Brown. The star who is definitely no stranger to tattoos also has a couple of face tattoos his most noticeable one being an Air Jordan 3 sneaker tattooed on the right side of his face, right under the logo of his Black Pyramid clothing brand. Considering that Chris loves spending his money on expensive thingsit doesn't come as a surprise that he also likes having tattoos of them.

Lets move on to model and television personality Amber Rose who has certainly changed her style a lot over the years.

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Most recently, Amber decided to add to her tattoo collection by tattooing the nicknames of her two sons Bash and Slash right on her forehead. Unlike most of the other ladies on today's list, Amber's face tattoos are anything but delicate and small!

A musician that many may not have expected to find on todays list is former teen star Aaron Carter. Aaron may have risen to fame as a child musician, but today the star is covered in tattoos including his face. As seen from the photo above, his face tattooed depicts the Greek Gorgon Medusa.

Speaking of former childhood stars next on our list is actress Amanda Bynes. While the star has been out of the spotlight in recent years, she did receive a lot of attention for her face tattoo which she showed off at the beginning of last year. As seen from the photo above Amanda opted to get a heart tattooed on her cheek.

Wrapping the list up is a rapper Travis Scott who is also known for having plenty of tattoos. As far as the musician's face tattoos go his most well-known ones are the word 'free' below his left eye, an anchor near his left ear, and a tribal design along the side of his forehead.

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