‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’ shows what she looks like with ink covered up – Daily Star

Becky Holt is famous for her signature tattoos that cover her from head to toe.

The 33-year-old, from Cheshire, has spent 35,000 covering 95% of her body in jaw-dropping ink.

She has calligraphy on her forehead, geometric designs across her chest and colourful inkings that travel all the way down her legs.

The mum was dubbed Britains most tattooed woman when she appeared on an episode of This Morning a couple of weeks ago.

But what does she look like without her iconic body art?

In an Instagram post shared with her 38,800 followers, Becky covered her tattoos with thick makeup.

She left one half of her torso bare, which was in stark contrast to the ink on the other side.

Becky captioned the image: I look so mad without tattoos! What do you prefer?

The post garnered 2,200 likes and people think the model looks great either way.

One responder swooned: No such thing as too my tattoos in my book beautiful women can only get better with a full body of tattoos.

You are beautiful with or without them.

Another gushed: Both. Youre obviously a natural beauty and the tattoos just enhance that.

A third wrote: With tattoos of course. But youre pretty both ways.

And a fourth added: You look good with either but more quirky with them.

When a commenter asked Becky if shed ever consider getting laser surgery to remove her ink, she said she wouldnt consider it.

Preferring to only temporarily cover her body art with makeup, she replied: No. I really love my tattoos.

While Becky admits people respond to her more positively when she covers up her tattoos.

And on ITVs This Morning, she revealed some assume shes thuggish and are scared when they see her ink.

Despite this, the tattooed influencer has no regrets.

She gushed: I love to stand out, I love the artwork, I love the time and dedication it takes

Im not going to get any more on my face (though), it will spoil the aesthetics.

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'Britain's most tattooed woman' shows what she looks like with ink covered up - Daily Star

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