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Maya Darwiche

Maya Darwiche is the founder of MD-Esthetics, a cosmetic salon that offers beauty enhancement and permanent makeup services. With over 20 years worth of vital industry experience, theres no doubt that Maya is one of the best in the business. Today, she is an internationally certified PMU expert (permanent makeup and cosmetics) and one of the most trusted natural beauty service providers. So, when did beauty enhancements become such common practice? More importantly, what exactly are we referring to when we talk about cosmetic services?

Beauty cosmetics is a rapidly growing and evolving industry. Because of this innovation, conventional beauty techniques and practices are continually improving and adapting. Here are some of the more common (and less common) cosmetic services endorsed by expert beauticians such as Maya Darwiche.

Microblading is a standard, yet innovative makeup treatment designed for thinning eyebrows. Some people tend to over wax their eyebrows, which can result in hair loss around the brows. Medical conditions (such as alopecia), age and specific medications can also result in hair loss. If one of these scenarios resonates with you, then Maya Darwiche recommends pursuing microblading.

Using a sterile hand tool and precise needles, a trained beautician like Maya will gently etch natural looking hairs into the skin. This process can help reconstruct lost eyebrow shape and structure. The pigment colour chosen will depend on your skin tone and colour.

Eyebrow shading is often provided in conjunction with microblading. Its fantastic if you want to create a soft eyebrow look and the treatment isnt invasive at all. MD-Esthetics are experts in their field and all this treatment involves is your beautician gently deposits the colour pigment evenly over your brows. This technique is far more realistic then tattooing, which was the industry standard for a long time.

Semi-permanent eyeliner refers to when your beautician lays down a very thin eyeliner tattoo between your natural lashes. It has the effect of making your lashes look thicker, which ultimately improves the colour and shape of your eyes. If you are unhappy with the result, you can always apply makeup over the top to change the effect or shade.

A lash lift is one of the most popular new things in the industry, especially if you want fresh, luscious lashes. Basically, your beautician bends the natural lashes upwards, giving your lashes more height, length and volume! Using water-based glue and lotions containing keratin, your beautician will lift your lashes into a beautiful position.

The last entry in our list is scalp micropigmentation. Also known as hair tattooing, this process gives the illusion that the client has a perfect buzz cut. The procedure is also terrific for concealing scars from hair transplants or covering bald spots. With the appearance of a fuller head of hair, you wont be able to turn down scalp micropigmentation from Maya Darwiches MD-Esthetics.

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The rise of beauty enhancements and Maya Darwiche - Sunrise News

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