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There are several ways that people can express their personality visually. The most common items are clothing, hairstyle, and makeup, something that everyone wears regularly. However, it is becoming more and more common for people to make changes to their image that are a little more permanent. The tattoo is perhaps the most popular form of this type of modification. An option that for years has been expanding in several countries.

A tattoo can be as personal or simple as people want. It is not only a way to express personality visually. It also serves, literally, so that people can become true walking works of art. Of course, not just any design convinces everyone. There are people who dig deep into exactly what drawing they want to put on their skin, exploring artists and works of art in their locality and even elsewhere.

For these individuals, the Tattoodo platform is a must-have on their smartphone. The app works much like Pinterest or Instagram, allowing people to see the designs and artwork of people around the world. But it is specifically designed for all lovers of the discipline of tattooing. In other words, it is a world-class catalog with the designs of the most talented artists from practically the entire world.

Its main function is to inspire people on what their next tattoo should look like. Therefore, it has tools that allow you to save publications and create collections of designs. However, it also enables direct dialogue between consumers and local artists or studios. Just by sharing an idea with the app, the algorithm searches its database for tattoo artists with a similar style so that you can establish a conversation.

Not only is it possible for people to discuss with these artists what the final tattoo might look like, the colors, the style, and the position. In addition, the platform allows people to make their appointment and pay directly from the application, which helps businesses in this sector win customers. And for tattoo artists, they can also join to make their work known around the world. In short, one of the best platforms in this environment.

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Site of the day: Want a tattoo? You have to download this app - Explica

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