Stephen Bear branded sick by fans for pretending girlfriend was pregnant with twins with scan ripped off Goo – The Sun

STEPHEN Bear has been "branded" sick by fans after admitting he ripped a scan of twins from Google to pretend his girlfriend Tia, 18, was pregnant.

The controversial reality star, 31, laughed off the criticism on his YouTube channel this afternoon and complained people were unable to take a joke.


Sitting in his living room, he said: "Happy Monday everyone, or should I say mix it up Monday?

"I thought I'd do a little tweet, just having a laugh. I got this picture on Google [shows camera], like a picture of twins. I thought I'd lighten up everyone's mood today.

"I just feel like you can't have jokes anymore in this society. I don't know if it's just Twitter, but on YouTube everyone seems a lot more fun.

"I go on Twitter and everyone's so angry, so miserable, they're so annoyed I've done a tweet pretending to have twins. Even though I do want twins. I'm curious to see what the public would thing if I did have babies."

But his following on YouTube seemed just as critical as they let him know their disapproval underneath the upload.

One vented: "Its not a joke though Stephen, that picture belongs to a woman who is on Twitter. You cant go around posting peoples photos for a laugh."

Another hit out: "You've absolutely lost it, how is that funny using someone else's pregnancy picture? Just admit you were wrong, end of story."

However, a user did stick up for him, writing: "Social media is a toxic playground. Its quite scary the amount of unhinged characters there are out there. Keep doing your thing bro."


But it prompted an angry response, with another commenting: "What joking about having children ?! Hes sick in the head."

Earlier in the day, Bear shared the ultrasound picture showing twin babies and wrote: "Wasnt expecting 2 Think its time I should I grow up."

While some congratulated him, others knew it was fake and correctly predicted he'd got it from the search giant.

They fumed: "I literally just got the exact same photo off google, why make up lies."





Many pointed out that the picture, which popped up on Google Images, was from the blog of a Manchester mum in 2019.

Until recently Stephen was in Dubai but returned to the UK to surprise his mum - only to be met by police at Heathrow airport.

He was arrested last month over claims he posted a sex video of his ex-girlfriendGeorgia Harrisononline, which he denies.

The star was also photographed repeatedly breaking the government's 10-day quarantine rules after returning from Dubai.

When challenged about why he was still going leaving his house, he told The Sun: "I am God. Rules do not apply to me.


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Tia is thought to be a trained hairdresser and beautician but a source told The Sun that she is hoping to become an influencer with Bear's help.

The pair were seen together shortly after he returned to the UK, with the teen pictured beside him in his black Mercedes.

Tia, from Slough, is said to have a Capricorn tattoo to matchBear's, while he has her face inked on his back.


Stephen Bear branded sick by fans for pretending girlfriend was pregnant with twins with scan ripped off Goo - The Sun

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