Why Leto’s Joker Doesn’t Have His "Damaged" Tattoo In Justice League – Screen Rant

Jared Leto's Joker is missing his infamous "damaged" tattoo in Zack Snyder's version of Justice League, and there are three possible reasons for that.

The first real look at Jared Leto's Joker in Zack Snyder's Justice League shows him without his signature "damaged" tattoo. One of the biggest questions surrounding Snyder's version of Justice League, of which there are many, is why Leto's Joker is returning. He wasn't in the theatrical version and wasn't planned to be added in pick-up shoots that Snyder had wanted before his exit, yet he's become a major talking point. A huge part of that is because of Leto himself.

Joker is one of the most iconic characters in all of entertainment, and each version of the character is different from the ones that have come before; Leto's Joker is no different, but perhaps he took things a bit too far. Everything from the make-up and tattoos to the overall depiction of the character made Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad controversial. Leto and writer-director David Ayer have always stated there's more to Joker than was shown in the theatrical version of Suicide Squad, but seeing those additional scenes may never happen. In the meantime, Snyder's Justice League can act as a form of redemption.

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While Snyder initially teased Leto's Joker with a blurred-out image reminiscent of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, the official first look reveals him with longer hair (and without neon colors), no tattoos, and seemingly wearing makeup. Almost all of that is different from the version seen in Suicide Squad, but then again, this is Snyder's version - and in this version, Joker doesn't have his tattoos anymore. There are three possible reasons for that: something happened to Joker in-universe, response to backlash over Joker's tattoos, and Snyder wanted a different look.

Given this is Snyder's Justice League, the film is very much a continuation of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, particularly the Ultimate Edition, which means there will be an extended Knightmare sequence that sees Batman and Superman in a dystopian future; Joker will be there as well. A lot can change over the years, so Joker may have found ways to get rid of or cover up his tattoos (like with makeup, as other Jokers have used before). This hasn't been confirmed, but it's been implied by Snyder, who told Vanity Fair, "I dont know if hes wearing makeup, I dont know whats happening. Its hard to say exactly." To Snyder, the reason itself isn't as important as showing this version of Joker that he wanted to tell.

Another reason that may be lingering in the back of Snyder and other people's minds is the factJoker's tattoos were despised when they were first revealed years ago. It showed a Joker starkly different from versions moviegoers and comic book readers have come to know. If the tattoos meant something more, something beyond just existing, then they could've been accepted on some level, but that didn't happen - at least not in Suicide Squad's theatrical cut. And so Joker's "damaged" tattoo being gone, along with the rest of his tattoos, in Snyder's Justice League is a great step forward for the character, even if it is his last step.

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Why Leto's Joker Doesn't Have His "Damaged" Tattoo In Justice League - Screen Rant

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