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Tattoos are often deeply personal to the person getting the design etched on to their skin forever, though the tattoo may look abstract to some, the reasoning or meaning behind the artwork only matters to the owner.

That's why tattoo studios are often some of the most open-minded, care free places around, artists have often had any kind of obscure request you can think of and aren't particularly taken aback by many requests.

However, that is not to say every single design idea is one that your artist will be on board with.

In fact, there are, as this Reddit thread proves, a number of tattoos that artists refuse to do, whether it be down to the design being irresponsible or just downright ridiculous.

For example, one user revealed: "I refuse to do your boyfriend's name on you."

Given the fragile nature of relationships, it is probably wise that you don't opt to get the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend permanently marked on your forever.

The user did go on to say how this policy doesn't always go down well with paying clients: "Some will get offended and assume I owe them a service, and tell me am just a s*** tattoo artist lol, but most the time they understand the reasonings and end up getting something else that day thankfully."

It is seemingly a common theme among tattoo artists, as another user explained: "My tattoo artist doesn't do names of significant others."

Another tattoo artist refuses to ink stars, because "apparently stars are for people who want a tattoo but don't know what they want."

Giving a more specific example, one user explained: "My tattoo artist refused to give a guy thigh length tattoos of squirrels going after the dude's nuts."

While another said: "This one guy wanted a penis with penises for arms with a penis, I just couldn't do it. It was just too stupid, and I really don't need that dude telling people that that's my work."

A receptionist in a tattoo shop revealed that "my guys don't flat out tell people "NO" they usually give a crazy outlandish price and that turns people off."

Another said: "When I was tattooing I had to refuse a client that wanted a tattoo of a steaming pile of poo on her face. I wish I was kidding."

Although not a tattoo artist themselves, one user witnessed "an artist at a shop near me turn away a very inebriated man who wanted a scarecrow on his cheek."

But it seems that for some tattoo artists, anything goes. One said: "As a professional tattoo artist of 12 years I have yet to refuse a tattoo."

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Tattoo artists reveal the one inking theyve been asked to do but had to refuse - Daily Star

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