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Jeffree Star has a lot of ink, but fans say his "Delicious" neck tattoo is one of his favorites.

While Jeffree Star isn't secretive about really any part of his life, from his relationships to his feuds to his makeup releases, some of his tattoos are a bit of a mystery. With so much ink all over his neck, hands, arms, and everywhere else, Star has a lot of explaining to do.

Fans are curious, after all, what all the tattoos mean. And while he probably loves most, if not all, of them, there's one neck tattoo that Jeffree favors above all others. Star himself has said that it's one of his favorite tattoos ever for a specific reason.

The tat in question? It's an ice cream cone with a word written in script alongside it.

The "Delicious" tattoo doesn't have a deep meaning or anything, says Elite Daily.Though Star later adopted a Pomeranian pup that he named Delicious, the tattoo actually came first.

The origin story goes like this: Jeffree has always been obsessed with sweets. He loves sugar, as explained in an episode ofTattoo Diaries, so "Delicious" was clearly a fitting word to describe the things he enjoys.

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Then again, fans could also read a bit more into the tat and assume that Jeffree is also labeling himself with the adjective. Anyway, the words sit atop an ice cream cone, which clarifies the meaning behind the ink. Obviously, Star loves ice cream cones, given his "extreme sweet tooth," saysElite Daily,and that's why he loves this bit of ink the most.

This particular tat is one of Jeffree's more visible ones, too. He has over 70 individual pieces of art on his body, but this one shows up in most selfies and snapshots.

Fans can see where the letter 'D' starts just under and to the right of Jeffree's chin. Then the words curve around his neck, while the ice cream cone lies more above his shoulder blade and curves with his neck as well.

Although this appears to be one of Star's less controversial tattoos, itwas created by Jeffree's former friend Kat Von D.Though the two no longer appear to speak, they were BFFs at one point. Kat actually performed a handful of Star's tattoos, too, not just his ice cream cone.

But these days, Jeffree doesn't really have the energy to feud with former friends (or former flames). Instead, he's busy being "canceled" by big-name brands like Louis Vuitton,buying up beauty products and bags, and releasing more items in his own makeup line.

No word on what his future plans are tat-wise, but fans can rest assured Jeffree probably isn't done getting inked, even if his fave tat already explains 90 percent of his personality. He'll just need to find another tattoo artist since Kat Von D is clearly no longer on his short-list.

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