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An Irish tattoo artist says Britney Spears was 'sound, polite and down to earth' when he tattooed her in Bray back in 2004.

The popstar is back in the news following the premiere of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, which examines her career and life as one of the world's most famous singers.

The documentary has led to a #FreeBritney campaign, as fans call for her to be released from the conservatorship the now 39-year-old was placed under over 10 years ago.

Back in 2004, Britney travelled to Ireland with her soon-to-be husband Kevin Federline to perform two gigs at the Point Theatre in Dublin.

Ahead of the concert, they visited the 'Atattooed' parlour in Bray to receive matching tattoos.

Badger (Maurice Gallagher) was the tattoo artist involved, and he spoke to Lunchtime Live about the experience.

He explained one of the singer's managers phoned and made the appointment, after the Bray parlour had been recommended to them.

He recalled: "I had to obviously make sure it was legit, so we had to find out who had recommended us I rang him and checked, and he said it was all legit and above board.

"She came into us the day before she was supposed to be in Ireland she must have sort of snuck in, as it were!

We did it at night-time when the shop was closed... She had one bodyguard and one manager with her, and her boyfriend at the time."

Badger explained Britney knew 'exactly what she wanted to get' - she and Kevin each got matching dice tattoos.

The tattoo artist said: She was there for a long time maybe around two hours or so. She was full of chat - she was tired, but thats par for the course in that business.

"She wasnt a diva. I didnt know much about her, but she was quite popular you sort of expected this diva character, but she was very down to earth.

"I was expecting a bit of a drama queen or something, but she was sound and very polite.

Badger explained his parlour experienced a lot of nonsense and media attention for around a week afterwards.

He said: At the time, we were saying we can only imagine the amount of abuse she must get.

"We couldnt put up with all the reporters and stuff coming to the shop for a good week or so afterwards."

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Irish tattoo artist recalls the day Britney Spears came to Bray - Newstalk

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