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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) --One local business is seeing an increase in customers after being closed for seven weeks last year.Now, business owners said they're booked all day, but there are still some concerns.

Under the Gun is a local tattoo shop here in Terre Haute.

The shop opened its doors last January before the pandemic hit, but soon after, the store had to close for seven weeks.

When the order lifted, owner D'wan Ellington was worried about what the future held.He said he was following the news every second to see if another shutdown would happen.

Ellington said once it seemed like the shop could stay open things started looking up.

In fact, he said last year was the biggest year they've ever had.

He credits this to his clients who stayed patient, worked through scheduling changes, and waited for the re-opening.

Ellington said, "For sure we're definitely blessed because this is a business that isn't essential."

Ellington said schedules weren't the only thing that had to change since re-opening the doors.

Many things had to change around the shop to make sure it can open and keep you safe.

Now, the only people who are allowed inside the shop are the ones getting a tattoo, and the tattoo artists themselves.

Tattoo artist Marcus Large said the other changes the shop made weren't all that different from what they were doing before.

He told News 10 the shop was always cleaning before, but now, they're cleaning even more.

In fact, the only major difference large told News 10 is you now have to make an appointment before you go.Large said this is to make sure everyone who walks in the door feels safe.

Large said, "We just want to make sure everybody is comfortable. When you come in just relax, let's hand out, let's goof off, let's have some fun, and give you the best quality work ever."

Large said the changes weren't that hard to get used to.He said he's happy to do whatever he can so the shop stays open and he can continue doing what he loves.

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Local Tattoo shop is seeing business boom amid the pandemic - WTHITV.com

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