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Ron may not have any tattoos, but the actor who plays him Nick Offerman certainly does. He actually has two tattoos(via Body Art Guru) with a woodworker-themed crest on his right arm as well as a cross on his left arm. This is usually not a problem when portraying Ron Swanson, because the character is most often seen wearing longer sleeves. On the rare occasions where he is rocking something shorter, the tattoos aren't visible, or are covered up ... except for one noteworthy instance.

In the season 2 episode, "Practice Date,"there's a scene where Ron awakes from a nap on a couch looking rather disheveled. Instead of his usual button-up shirt, he's just wearing a plain white t-shirt, and there's a moment where the sleeve rolls up and you can see Offerman's cross tattoo on his left arm, as pointed out by u/411eli on Reddit.

You can barely see it peeking out, and it really seems like if the team behind the scenes wanted Ron to canonically have a tattoo, they would've made more of an effort to put it on display. As it stands, it just seems like a production error where the tattoo wasn't edited out or covered up with makeup. After all, we're assuming if Ron was going to get a tattoo it would be an image of bacon, ham, and every other type of meat under the sun.

The show may have ended in 2015, but this is still one error that keeps us up at night, throughout everyParks and Recrewatch.

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The Ron Swanson Mistake You Never Noticed In Parks And Recreation - Looper

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