Mama June: June Shannon gives Parenting Advice Shares Dos And Donts; Know Which Negative Comment Bothered Her The Most – TV Season Spoilers

Its not easy to raise four daughters. Although, Mama June has always given her daughters freedom. At the same time, the star knew when to stop and have an eye on them. June recently shared all her parenting experiences. The mother of four even talked about what is good and whats not for the kids. Let us take a close look at some happy and some not-so-happy moments of the Shannon family.

June Shannon has four daughters, Anna, 26; Jessica, 24; Pumpkin, 21; and Honey Boo Boo, 15. And Mama June prevailed strict rules in her family. She didnt allow her kids to have cellphones before they turned 13. Well, the case was opposite with Pumpkin. She was a rebel. June Shannon exclusively shared some dos and dont of parenting in an interview with US Weekly.

The star is fun, understanding, and cooperative as a mother. At the same time, she was hideous and secretly kept an eye on her kids activities. June always checked her daughters phones to know who they talk to. She found many secrets of her daughters. However, the most shocking to June was knowing about Pumpkin talking to older boys. The funny thing was that June didnt confront Pumpkin about it. Instead, she waited and confronted the boy in the story.

June explained Pumpkin always to be trying to get a cell phone. The mother of four says, Pumpkin is the rebel in the family, so she would try to get a cell phone. She would get these, like, prepaid cell phones And then I would find them, and I would just bust them up.

Toddler and Tiaras alum claims the mom-shaming trolls to be closet fans. The star knows that they know everything about you and your familys life which could bother you. Therefore, June does not think that her kids should respond to mom shamer trolls. There has been a recent incident that bothered mother June a lot. She was bothered by negative comments on Instagram about her 15-year-old daughter Honey Boo Boos makeup. She stated, Alana is 15, and she got bashed for some of these, what I call strippers eyelashes. Well, June doesnt mind the way her daughter looks because she knows that Alana has been doing pageants since she was 5. Everyone does makeup, and it is normal for a 15-year-old to do as per wish.

Moreover, June recommended the moms let their kids do pageants if they want to. The mother of four advises the parents who would like to go for pageants for the first time to try the cheaper one. It would give the fun and will not cost much. Apart from pageant fun, June was also on for her daughters to have a tattoo before turning 18. Pumpkin even had a tattoo party on her 17th birthday.

Mama June seems to be much fun as a mother. The mother also approves the mothers of doing a bit of PDA in front of kids. But do not get deeper into it. It must have been fun for the fans to get so many tips. Stay tuned to the entertainment world for more such information.

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Mama June: June Shannon gives Parenting Advice Shares Dos And Donts; Know Which Negative Comment Bothered Her The Most - TV Season Spoilers

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