Tattoo artist finds Robin Hoods Silver Arrow while magnet fishing in Sherwood Forest… – The Sun

A TATTOO artist believes he has found Robin Hoods fabled Silver Arrow while magnet fishing in Sherwood Forest.

Kush Wray, 32, became a Merry Man after pulling the arrowhead from a stream near the Major Oak, where the outlaw is said to have lived.


Historians have told him it could indeed date from the 12th or 13th century and would appear silver when cleaned and buffed.

So it could be the legendary prize which Robin is said to have won, dressed in disguise at an archery tournament set as a trap by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Dad-of-four Kush said: Ive always believed in Robin Hood.

It was as if I was destined to find it. Its crazy to think I could be part of the legend.


Kush, from Eckington, Sheffield, added: I had never been to Sherwood Forest before but decided to visit after watching a programme about Robin Hood.

When I arrived I went for a stroll and came across the river. I had my magnet fishing gear in the car so decided to try my luck.

I pulled the arrow out on my first cast.

Finding Robin Hoods arrow is about as spectacular as it gets.

The artefact which has no blunted edge, indicating it has not been fired was discovered near Budby, Notts, last Monday.


The British Museums Portable Antiquities Scheme, which records archaeological objects found by the public, has booked an expert to examine the arrowhead.

Gemma Howarth, senior site manager at Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre at Edwinstowe, Notts, said: What an amazing discovery this is. It is a fantastic link to the very times that Robin Hood lived.

And it is incredible that the British museum should be taking an interest in something linked to our Sherwood Forest hero.


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In medieval times, where the arrow was found would have been in the very heart of Sherwood Forest, and just a stroll away from the Major Oak.

This is the first time that I have ever heard of a medieval arrow being found so close to where Robin Hood lived.

Robin has famously been played in movies by stars including Errol Flynn, Richard Todd, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe.


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Tattoo artist finds Robin Hoods Silver Arrow while magnet fishing in Sherwood Forest... - The Sun

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