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We are all familiar with tattoos, but for the past few years there has been a term that has been getting noticed, aesthetic tattoos. Tattoos that help to hide scars, save time on makeup and highlight some areas of the face to beautify it. Some of them are not for life and must be retouched from time to time, however, their advantages are superior.

The way to do aesthetic tattoos will depend on your purposes. To correct the areola of a woman who has had breast cancer, for example, a previous study will be needed to reconstruct it and achieve a good result. To do this, a Tattoo machine, the same as for artistic tattoos.

In the event that the desire is to enjoy a tattooed eye line (micropigmentation), use a dermographer. This device is a kind of high precision digital pen that gives a very natural look. From time to time it should be reviewed, as it lasts 2 years at most.

To draw the hair of the eyebrows and make them look more populated (microblading) a disposable pen. The result is also very natural, but before starting to work on this type of aesthetic tattoos, a study of the shape of the eyebrow must be made, which will depend on the shape of the face.

What is achieved with aesthetic tattoos is a greater self-confidence, especially, when these tattoos have corrective purposes to hide scars or rebuild breasts after having undergone cancer. This is very important to these people and can have an impact on their self-esteem.

But also aesthetic tattoos, when we talk about micropigmentation or microshading (makeup the eyebrows), save time. Waking up in the morning and not having to do an eye line, lipstick or eyebrow makeup can be interesting to focus on what matters.

Also, aesthetic tattoos can correct certain defects or polish some parts of the face like, for example, an eyebrow that has a bald spot or an asymmetry. This will also have an impact on self-esteem and will solve a problem or discomfort without difficulty. In addition, the result is very natural.

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Veneorology (AEDV) warns that aesthetic tattoos can involve risks if a series of issues are not taken into account. For example, you always have to do allergy tests and in the event that any appear, go to the dermatologist immediately.

Also tattoo on moles should be avoided, as this will avoid diagnosing skin cancer after changing a mole. Therefore, this should always be taken into account, as well as going to a suitable center that uses approved ink. Otherwise, the risk of allergies is much higher.

Do not forget take care of the skin using sunscreen and hydrating it properly. This will protect it, keep it beautiful, and allow aesthetic tattoos to last much longer. Although to maintain them, it will be necessary to go to the reviews to touch them up when necessary.

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Aesthetic tattoos that cover scars and beautify, how to get one safely? Explica .co - Explica

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